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Monday, June 18, 2007

Upcoming reviews

Occasionally, I'm going to be posting a list of planned reviews and whether or not these are review copies sent to me by publishers. The purpose behind this is disclosure (so readers can know which books I've bought and which ones I've received as either Advance Review Copies or finished review copies direct from the publishers) as well as giving hints of the various types of literature that I'm reading.

Upcoming ARC/Review Copy Reviews:

Richard Morgan, Thirteen

Ian Cameron Esslemont, Night of Knives (revised edition)

Tobias Buckell, Ragamuffin

John Twelve Hawks, The Traveler; The Dark River (ARC)

Alison Goodman, Killing the Rabbit (ARC)

Books I Bought Recently:

Luis Leante, Mira si yo te querré (2007 Premio Alfaguara, revista será en español)

Sarah Monette, The Virtu

Daniel Abraham, A Shadow in Summer

With these and a few others doubtless to arrive or to be chosen by whim, this should cover reviews here through the end of the month. Now back to reading...

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