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Friday, October 19, 2012

Andzrej Sapkowski: Books reviewed, books to be reviewed

As I said a few weeks back, I am planning to finish reviewing the remaining novels/stories by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski that are available in either English or Spanish translation.  Below are the stories to be reviewed/already reviewed, for those curious to see what will be covered over the next few weeks:

Geralt of Rivia/Witcher novels:

The Last Wish/El último deseo

The Sword of Destiny/La espada del destino

Blood of Elves/La sangre de los elfos

Time of Contempt/El tiempo de odio

Baptism of Fire/Bautismo de fuego

The Swallow's Tower/La torre de la golondrina

The Lady of the Lake/La dama del lago (1 & 2) 

Storm Season (prequel; extended preview available in Spanish)

Collection/Short Story:

Road Without Return/Camino sin retorno

"The Malady" (in The Apex Book of World SF 2)

Hussite Trilogy:


The Warriors of God/Los guerreros de dios

 Lux Perpetua (read in German translation; Spanish translation forthcoming in 2014-2015)




srs said...

I've heard good things about the Witcher series. It looks like (aka what Amazon has in stock) only The Last Wish and Blood of Elves have been translated into English. Have you heard anything about whether or not the remaining works will be published in English?

Larry Nolen said...

It's one of the better sword and sorcery/heroic/epic fantasies I've read in recent years (I've read all of the stories/books listed but the just-released in Spanish Los guerreros de dios/The Warriors of God), but from what I've heard, there were a few legal issues regarding the English translation that have delayed the release of the second novel (and what should have been the fourth book, if not for the questionable skipping of the second collection, The Sword of Destiny) a few years. Right now, it's scheduled for a June 2013 (UK)/July 2013 (US) release. Hopefully, those dates on Amazon are roughly correct, as the middle volumes I found to be better than Blood of Elves, which I did like.

But if you want something else of his to read in English, the long story "The Malady" does appear in The Apex Book of World SF 2.

Gabriele C. said...

I should check out if there's a German translation.

BTW My blog today has squirrels. :)

Larry Nolen said...

I think most of Sapkowski's works are in German translation; I am certain the entire Hussite trilogy is.

And yeah squirrels! Lovely pics :D

Anubis said...

There are German translations of the Hussite trilogy and the entire Geralt series (collections and novels alike). The last Sapkowski book to be published in Germany was Coś się kończy, coś się zaczyna (Etwas endet, etwas beginnt), the collection that is listed here under its Spanish title Camino sin retorno. Most of it (barring the Hussite trilogy) was translated by SF author Erik Simon.

Larry Nolen said...

Excellent. If my German were better, I'd order Lux Perpetua so I could read the entire Hussite trilogy, but what I'm curious about is seeing that the Spanish translation of Sapkowski's last novel, Viper, is forthcoming after Lux Perpetua. That would leave only the recently-released Maladie and Other Stories as the only Sapkowski not yet scheduled to be translated into Spanish.

It is amusing to realize that for once English readers are having to wait for translations of a very popular work/author.

srs said...

Thanks for the recommendation. How important is it to read the series in the order you listed? Do the books follow a linear plot path like most series?

(Of course, I could wait until they are all translated. Then that nasty to-read pile might be smaller then...)

Gabriele C. said...

Thank you, Anubis.

My TBR piles are on the way of making a fine portico to a Roman villa. :)

Larry Nolen said...

Very important to read them in order (irritating that the English editions skipped The Sword of Destiny, when that second collection contains direct set-ups for Blood of Elves). Each of the books is linear to the others, more or less (a sort of flashback occurs late in the series, but not in a real plot sense).

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