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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Results of the recent poll on which awards (and their winners) readers are likely to read

Interesting results to the recent poll on various awards (realized too late that I had left off the Shirley Jackson Awards, which do interest me more than some of the others that did make the list):

Nobel Prize in Literature
  28 (35%)
Pulitzer Prize
  32 (40%)
Man Booker Prize
  38 (48%)
Hugo Award
  31 (39%)
National Book Awards
  8 (10%)
National Book Critics Circle Awards
  6 (7%)
Clarke Award
  20 (25%)
World Fantasy Award
  32 (40%)
Man Asian Prize
  6 (7%)
Orange Prize/Women's Prize for Fiction
  11 (13%)
Nebula Awards
  30 (37%)
Gemmell Awards
  9 (11%)
Bram Stoker Awards
  19 (24%)
Edgar Awards
  8 (10%)
BSFA Awards
  13 (16%)
PEN/Faulkner Award
  8 (10%)
Whatever award the squirrels give out for fiction/poetry/squirrel worship
  21 (26%)

It seems that by a narrow margin, readers prefer three literary awards (Man Booker Prize, Pulitzer Prize, Nobel Prize in Literature) over the top three SF/F genre awards (World Fantasy Award, Hugo Award, Nebula Awards) by an aggregate of 98 to 93 (of course, it's likely that a majority of those votes were for at least one from each of the two classifications).  It was surprising (and quite pleasing) to see that readers here do value awards that squirrels might give out for fiction/poetry/squirrel worship a bit more than the other awards listed above.  Perhaps there is hope for humanity yet.  Slightly disappointed to see more votes for the Gemmell Awards (which I think is more like a glorified internet opinion poll – yes, the irony here is noted) than for the National Book Critics Circle Poll (which has had several excellent shortlists in recent years) or the Man Asian Prize or the PEN/Faulkner Award.  Oh well. 


Tanya P:trice said...

But looking at the results individually - 2 literary awards take top spot (Man Booker & Pulitzer) followed by 2 of the ge SF/F genre awards - World Fantasy Awards (which has same # of votes as Pulitzer) and Hugo Awards - so yay for science fiction & fantasy :-)

Lsrry said...

True, there is that as well. But I did like the balance between the two arbitrary groupings, since I read (and often review) a wide variety of literary genres.

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