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Sunday, February 08, 2015

January 2015 Reads

This won't take long, as this past month's reads ties for the least amount read over the past half-decade or so.  This month is not shaping up to be any better.  Oh, I'm reading, here and there, but I'm purposely limiting the time I spend reading as I have other things I'm gearing up to be working on.  However, there will be a few reviews in the coming weeks, albeit not of complete books/volumes, as I do plan on covering some historical non-fiction and contemporary fiction for Black History Month.  But enough of this editorializing, here are the few and good books I read in January:

1.  Kelly Link, Get in Trouble (collection; already reviewed)

2.  Claire Fuller, Our Endless Numbered Days (already reviewed)

3.  Zoran Živković, Pisac (re-read; Serbian; already reviewed)

4.  Megan Mayhew Bergman, Almost Famous Women (collection; review forthcoming)

5.  Sarah Gerard, Binary Star (review forthcoming)

6.  John Updike, Collected Early Stories (review forthcoming)

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James said...

You still managed to beat me. I only read five. I almost had six, but I finished that up a couple days too late.

I haven't read so much in one month since the days before I started blogging, which was about a half a decade ago.

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