The OF Blog: After nearly eleven years, it may be time to call it quits

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

After nearly eleven years, it may be time to call it quits

The days and nights are like blurs now.  Strange to realize that I only posted once in March and barely a handful of times in February.  I have read only a handful of books over the past two months and I forgot to log what I had read even then.  I've been so busy doing some practice translations (which may or may not see the light of day; one likely will in a couple of years, if I finish it this year) and re-working my entire nutrition/exercise program that I found it refreshing not thinking about reading for reviews or even about reading at all.  I have only a few moments here and there to glance at social media and for the most part, I don't miss it at all.

There is a liberating sort of feeling about changing core routines so drastically.  Seeing a much flatter stomach and more toned muscles in my arms is rewarding, especially considering that I am now 40.  Developing a nice, healthy tan from walking outside 90-120 minutes/day for 3x/week is a bonus.  Outside of a few minor issues, life is looking up.  The squirrels are frolicking more and more these days and it's hard not to think, despite all the evils in this world, that life and its multitudes of creatures just might be a wonderful thing after all.

But sometimes, things have to give.  Therefore, I'm possibly going to be shuttering this blog in the coming months if my recent job application comes through.  Nearly eleven years and perhaps it's time to admit that reviewing is best left to fans and not those who take a (much) less enthusiastic approach to discussing a work's perceived merits and deficiencies.  There just isn't really much reward in discussing books that others aren't gushing over already, n'est ce pas?  So maybe it's best to retreat into a setting where I can focus on sciuridae and obscure writers like Milan Kundera and Terry Bollea and leave the discussion of books to the experts.


Ângelo said...

Nowadays people use rss feed readers, so even if you post rarely, those who read your blog will still receive your posts, there's no problem about people stop visiting your blog due to lack of updates.

IMHO, you should not close your blog. Just post when you feel like it. No pressure.

Bibliotropic said...

But... But how will I get my necessary dose of squirrels if your blog closes down? I'll die without squirrels!

Stephen Theaker said...

Not sure I've ever commented here before, so I just wanted to say I've enjoyed your posts, and if you do stop, thanks for having done it for so long.

CuriousReader said...

While I never agreed with your reviews or assessments all the time, they were insightful I'll miss reading your thoughts on books.

paulo brito said...

Tenho a mesma sensação como meu blog que existe desde 1999.

Adoro o teu blog e graças às tuas criticas descobri excelentes autores/obras.

O que fizeres sem que o farás bem.

L.S. Johnson said...

While I appreciate your reasons, both myself and my to-read list will be sad to see you close down. Thank you for sharing your reading for so many years, and for your well-crafted and honest reviews.

Lsrry said...

Thanks for the kind comments, everyone, and for realizing that this was not (completely) an April Fool's Day prank (well, minus the references to squirrel training and Hulk Hogan).

I probably will continue this in a sort of infrequently-updated fashion for a few months (I really am more focused on my health/fitness than reading right now), plus I've been suffering from reading/writing burnout, so if things do change somewhat, I'll be updating this blog more frequently. But if I don't, well at least you'll know it's just due to finding newer adventures in life to explore.

But the squirrels shall live on, n'est ce pas? ;)

paulo brito said...

you are so... so, LOL

Gabriele Campbell said...

You can always tide us over with Inexpensive ebook goodies. :-D

Seriously, keep posting here when you feel like it and want to share something you read with others, no matter how infrequently that may happen. I know blogs can become a burden at times. I've kept mine for 11 years at well and sometimes I don't post more than one history essay a month; those take a lof of work. But it would be a shame to see the OF blog close for good.

Foxessa said...

hahaha at the professional reviewer thing.

However, that you are feeling renewed by all the different things you are doing while dropping the things you have been doing is most understandable.

Love, C.

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