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Sunday, January 03, 2016

A few things I resolve to do in 2016

A couple of days late (having to work Friday combined with recovering from a mild bout of bronchitis), but I thought I'd post a few New Year's Resolutions here for people curious about such things (and for me to reference later in the year):

1.  To read more books than I did in 2015. 

2015 was a year I always intended to be a "rest" year when it came to reading.  I knew I was going to be resuming regular exercise in order to strengthen my core after my August 2014 back injury (gaining over 50 lbs/nearly 30 kg in less than six months due to the steroids I was taking then and my necessary lack of activity for much of two months), so reading 400+ books was never going to be feasible.  I thought perhaps 100 would be a reasonable goal, but then I found it necessary to rest at night instead of reading, just so I'd have enough energy to work out/walk/jog over 150 days of the past year.  I still have more to lose than the 45 kg (almost 100 lbs) than I did in 2015, so I expect my reading time will still be limited in 2016, but not to the extent it was last year.

2.  To translate at least one short story.

I actually translated three stories in 2015, but only one of which will be published (June-July 2016; details after the ToC for the Big Book of Science Fiction is released).  But there are some Spanish-language stories that I'd like to translate, even if it's more for practice and not for publication.

3.  To continue remaining distant from SF/F "fandom" circular arguments.

I just grew bored of these tired reiterations of minutiae that I just stopped using most social media in the summer of 2015.  At this point, I'm really a non-entity when it comes to purported online book discussions, so it matters little what I think about the argument du jour, right?  (Not that I expect many are reading this)

4.  To run a 5K race before my 42nd birthday in July.

I've planned for a year now to use 2015 to lose the steroid weight gain, with 2016 being the year designated for my first 5K competition (thinking 2017 might see me run a 10K).  Unless my bronchitis keeps me from training enough, I plan on running my first 5K in early April in a local race.  I just want to get it to a sub-30 time, with an ultimate goal of a sub-25 time by 2017.

5.  To become a more patient teacher and person.

I'm much calmer than I was in the past, but I still see room for improvement.

6.  To improve my reading comprehension in at least one language.

After all, I have this one illustrated book that I'd love to be able to understand (it's not available in English translation)

7.  To create something wondrous for someone else.

The specifics really don't matter, just as long as someone feels better for experiencing something with my assistance.  Perhaps it'll be seeing a mostly non-verbal student with autism using complete sentences and writing pads to communicate his emotions and desires, or maybe it'll be translating something and having someone remark that they were glad to have read that story. 

I would have added squirrel worship to the list, but that is an expectation from them, so I shall do that lest they decide to eviscerate me.


Bill said...

Happy New Year, Larry. Admirable list of resolutions.

I loved the Kelly Link collection as well. Will try to get my hands on the Jesse Ball soon.

Do you use goodreads? Outside of work, it's the only social media I use.


Mulluane said...

There might be more lurkers reading this than you think :>)

Happy New Year and a great list!

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