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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Want to read an original anthology that'll contain new and exciting voices?

I just saw this posted over at Jeff VanderMeer's site:  He and his wife Ann are going to be reviving the Leviathan original anthology series, one of the best genre/weird/surrealist/etc. anthology series of the past dozen years or so.  They want Leviathan 5, which will consist of around 100,000 words (think somewhere around 400-450 pages) of original fiction, none of which would be by authors who have had more than two books published in English.  In addition, the goal is to have up to 30,000 of those 100,000 words be devoted to authors whose stories would be translated into English.  Envious of those who rave about how good this story is in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Japanese, etc., while you know you have a snowball's chance in hell of being able to read it because you don't know the language?  This anthology would serve those who have ever found themselves wishing that they could get at least a hint of the rich treasure of stories being produced outside of the Anglo-American publishing sphere, in addition to the promotion of new and exciting voices writing in English.

There's a catch, however.  Translators have to be paid, along with others associated with collating and producing these things, so VanderMeer is pledging to take 100% of the royalties received from his latest works, 2010's story collection The Third Bear and 2011's non-fiction collection Monstrous Creatures, and apply them to funding those extra expenses that make translated fiction anthologies/collections a difficult venture.  More details are found at the link above. 

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