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Friday, April 01, 2011

New projects, new foci

A week or two ago, I informed readers that I completed a translation of Argentine author Leopoldo Lugones' "El escuerzo" for May publication in the ODD? e-book anthology that Ann and Jeff VanderMeer are editing.  At the time, I believe I hinted that there would be future projects, with some already in the pipe.  However, I didn't feel comfortable discussing all of these projects without consulting with some of the principals involved and seeing if they would be OK with me breaking news of some exciting projects.  Now that I have their approval, it's past time to reveal certain projects that will be of interest to readers here.

The first project is a continuation of the three-pronged guitar review attack that I, Paul Smith, and Jeff VanderMeer have been doing since October 2010.  While we will be covering Eric Basso's work later this spring, a few things came up with Jeff's trip to Europe for half of April, so we agreed that we would do a short, "easy" read by a recent New York Times-bestselling author.  Jeff and Paul in particular seem to be excited by this change of pace, but I'll be more cautious in doling out praise, even despite the glowing review I read here.

There will be more translations this summer.  One of the stories I'm tentatively scheduled to translate is La Gran Alianza, by one of this country's most renowned and respected authors.  Another possibility is translating the Chilean classic, La rabiosa de las ardillas serbias, which has been a huge underground cult classic for the past several decades.

Others also, I learn, are doing their own projects.  In the wake of Paul Smith announcing his intention to focus on "weird fiction," a number of other bloggers, including those at Pat's Fantasy Hotlist, Floor to Ceiling Books, A Dribble of Ink, and The Speculative Scotsman, have been contemplating on Twitter starting up a multi-reviewer group blog, similar to the SFF Masterworks blog, that would cover the backlist of the Marquis de Sade, Lautréamont, Mirbeau, Huysmans, and the Immortal One.  From what I've gathered from their tweets, there will be copious giveaways, exclusive excerpts, advance cover art images posted, a de Sade-themed ARC release party, and a seance involving one of Richard Gere's gerbils and a vole.

Hopefully, some or all of these projects, whether they be brought to fruition or not in the near future, will be of interest to readers.  Which one(s) appeal to you the most and why?


Roland said...

Hehehe, very funny Larry! I especially look forward to your translation of La Gran Alianza. I've heard so many exciting things about it! :)

Ellestra said...

What I'm really waiting for is the promised Squirrelpunk anthology. Come on it's been a year already!

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