The OF Blog: Two new personal developments to share with everyone

Friday, August 26, 2011

Two new personal developments to share with everyone

I've been a bit too busy at work to post about these until now, but I have recently found that I was nominated for consideration for my translations of Augusto Monterroso's "Mister Taylor" (The Weird) and Leopoldo Lugones' "The Bloat Toad" (ODD?) for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Awards.  I'm very flattered to have my stories mentioned in conjunction with the others listed and it is an honor to be considered. 

The other personal news to share with readers is that I'll be assisting with the running of a new site, Weird Fiction Review.  I will be assisting Ann and Jeff VanderMeer, as well as Paul Smith, with blogging about most things weird.  It will be connected with the upcoming The Weird anthology, but there will be much more than that.  No more details can be provided, other than it should be launching in the near future.

That's about it.  Well, I had a better week at work than the ones before, but it's hard to beat near-perfect teaching days like today.  Although I suppose a beautiful sunny day might provide stiff competition.


Ben Godby said...

Cannot wait to see what you, Jeff and Ann come up with. It will probably blow my mind.

And congrats on the nominations!

James said...

Congrats on the nominations. Can't wait to check out the new site.

Lsrry said...

I think the proper order would be what Ann/Jeff, Paul, and then me after them come up with there ;) I know of one thing in particular that will be of great interest to readers, but I don't reveal these projects until everything is set to go.

As for the translation bit, it's just a mention that I'm having something come out later this year; I've had a sneak peak at one of Gio Clairval's translations and she is good. I'm just honored to be tabbed to do two translations for publication.

SImon Fletcher said...

Congrats Larry, I'm sure the nominations are well deserved.

That website you will be helping to run sounds fantastic, just the name of the site would be enough to peak my interest, but your blog and Jeff's are my most visited blogs on the web. Even though I am an illustrator not a writer, I find the works you mention, and your personal taste in books inspiring.

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