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Friday, June 08, 2012

An existential dilemma?

Too often, cats are used in photographs to display mischief, contempt, and other sorts of devilish amusement.  There is something about the dog, however, that speaks to our more existential concerns:  Am I loved?  Is it worth the effort to raise my head one more time, just because someone wants my attention?  Is food really the center of my existence?

With that in mind, I present this picture of my dog, Molly.  Look at her half-closed eyes, with her head just off to the side of her paws.  Does she look happy or concerned or something else?

What do you think is on this dog's mind when I took this picture earlier today?

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Anonymous said...

since dogs don't wear watches they probably don't have a three oclock hour of the soul. but they have such loyalty, being the only animal on earth that would give its life for a human, they must be capable of some degree of introspection, or so I want to believe. but death, or the contemplation of it is not in their purview, thus no existential anxiety, at least not Labradors. mine who looked almost a twin of yours is buried in the far backyard with a blue spruce now twenty feet high having grown through her little body for 13 yrs. she would have been thinking of long walks, her chase toy, our neighbors benji dog who would come into the house some days and wake her up to go out and play, and maybe her next meal or special big biscuit. but not about brain tumors, stroke, getting mugged or burglarized, or her investment portfolio falling because Bernanke sneezed, that she would leave to me

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