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Thursday, June 14, 2012

New and used books that shall not be Father's Day gifts

Toni Morrison's just-released short novel and the one John Crowley novel I've yet to read

Had to take a boxful of books from my mother (and some of my own) to McKay's on Sunday, so I took the store credit and bought some books for near-immediate and later reading/browsing.  The Morrison book I bought from their bookcase for new books, with the rest being used books.

The DeLillo will be read later; the Ogawa is a damn good story that deserves a huge readership in any language in which it may be published.

Currently reading the Allende.  It's hard to describe only 31 pages into a 300 page book/memoir/cookbook.

Irritated that the usually easy-to-remove price sticker ripped off part of the cover to the Vega play, as it's a nice copy.  Loved Kundera in English, so I thought why not re-read this particular novel in Spanish translation?

Tolstoy in Russian and Böll in German.

The French language books I picked up this time, including a Rabelais (likely modernized)

And if in 10-20 years I ever get around to attempting to learn Japanese, I'll at least have another textbook to consult.


Hélène said...

Gargantua! Top craziness!
I particularly love the battle of Clos de Seuilly, the three lines of mi-i-i-ni-hi-ni etc., which are supposed to mimic Gregorian chant but mostly betray the abject fear of the monks (just try singing it aloud!), the enemy army quietly harvesting vs the savage monk defending his future wine, the garbled pseudo-Latin of Janotus Bragmardo (i.e Janotus Fly of trousers), and... I particularly love the whole book. It's a crazy play with language from the beginning to the end. Enjoy!

Larry said...

I did enjoy it in translation, but I suspect that was a poor shadow of the original, for reasons related to your favorite scenes. Might not get to it until late this year, but I hope to have improved my reading fluency by then (and having studied Latin for four college semesters, the pseudo-Latin sounds like it may be even better in the original!) :D

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