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Friday, March 14, 2014

New poll up, concerning books for possible future reviews

It's been a little over a month since the last poll expired (results below), so I decided to add a new one, seeing which works might interest readers.  Depending on my time in April (state tests toward the end of the month will mean even more work to do after I finally get home each late night), I will try to review the top 3-4 selections.  Some might seem more ridiculous than others, but I seriously will read the works listed (I do own all but one of those books...well, maybe two, I suppose) if there are enough votes to do so.

Curious to see how cruel my readers are... ;)

Previous Poll:  Which 2014 Project of Mine Interests You?

Reviewing all of the Premio Alfaguara winners
  6 (10%)
Reading/reviewing a series of histories, poems, and novels on World War I
  18 (32%)
Reading at least 50 books each in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French
  10 (17%)
Reading/reviewing the works of Thomas Wolfe
  14 (25%)
Having at least 35% of my reads be (co)written/edited by women
  17 (30%)
"World Cup" posts on the national literatures of the countries in the tournament
  13 (23%)
Re-reading the Aeneid/posting old translation notes on Book I
  6 (10%)
Antagonizing those who love to talk about "fandom" or "geekdom" in glowing terms
  26 (46%)

56 total votes (multiple selections allowed)

1 comment:

srs said...

100 years of solitude has been sitting on one of my bookshelves for years. If you do decide to review it, please announce it a few weeks in advance - I'm curious how my opinion of a recently read book would match a reviewer's take.

I am skeptical that squirrel erotica exists.... I'd look online but it sounds like some sort of forbidden knowledge that would corrupt the soul...

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