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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

See this?

This is what I'm now wearing. I went to the local clinic this morning after attempting to work but feeling a bit light-headed and with a shortness of breath. The clinician did an EKG and a little abnormality showed up, so I had to call my mother to drive me (the only other option was an ambulance) to the emergency room all the way across town (I live in a suburb, by the way). There, after having three vials of blood drawn and another EKG, turns out that the abnormality may be a slight echo of something that was wrong some time before, so I have to wear the Holter Monitor for the next 24 hours and then Thursday afternoon I get to do a treadmill stress test to rule out anything really serious.

So yeah - I get to work maybe 1.5 days this week. Some vacation, huh? And one of the worst parts? I have all these shaved patches on my chest, so I probably will end up having to shave the entire thing later this week. Joy.


MatsVS said...

Oh brother, you just can't catch a break, can you Larr? Hope this sorts itself out with no further bad news or... indignities.

Larry said...

No, especially when all I wanted was relief from my vertigo! I'm certain things will be fine soon enough...

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