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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Interesting new poll

I'm currently reading four books that might make for interesting reviews, but I thought I'd gauge reader reaction to see which one might be the more off-beat and thus reviewable here (not that the results would stop me from considering reviewing any of these). Here are the four I'm considering:

St. Theresa of Ávila,The Way of Perfection

Pope Benedict XVI, Charity in Truth

Thea von Harbou, Metropolis (novelization of the script to the 1927 movie directed by her then-husband, Fritz Lang)

Mark Bould and China Miéville (eds.), Red Planets: Marxism and Science Fiction

Probably will have this up only a couple of days, so vote early or something.


Anonymous said...

I think you've been polling us too much and should just do whatever the hell interests you the most. Just make sure to give it a number rating. Then I don't have to read the review.

Lsrry said...

Pfft! :P

I just thought I'd give people who bother to visit here something to do. Plebiscites are so much fun, no?

Future Histories said...

Have you started Red Planets yet, Larry? I ordered it the other day (rather blindly) and am excited to get a look into it when it arrives.

Unknown said...

I've thumbed through it. Some good stuff there. Liked the parts on the Metropolis movie.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how you can present these as alternatives - it's like saying "should I eat fish today, or should I go cycling?". Indeed, it's more like having a cycling blog, and one day asking "which would you like to hear about, cycling, or eating fish?"

I don't even know how you intend to 'review' Benedict's work. Reviewing it as a work of art is clearly pointless - nobody reads it for a gripping ride. And I don't mean to be rude, but do you have the qualifications to really examine it honestly as a work of theology?

How would you review an architectural drawing, or a legal judgement?

Lsrry said...

I have a Master of Arts degree in Cultural/Religious History. Does that come close to answering your question?

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