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Monday, February 01, 2010


Quick observation before I crash and try to make it through the ice, snow, and slush to work in the morning:

The past month has seen me become even less "connected" with what is being discussed elsewhere.  Apparently Amazon and a major publisher had a spat over e-book pricing.  Apple's releasing some new device (OK, that one actually interests me, but that's a purchase a year or two down the road and perhaps for classroom purposes).  Lots of reviews have been written about "hot new releases."

And for the most part, I found myself shrugging and not feeling the urge to comment.

Between the usual work uncertainty, working extra hard to get back in shape (lost nearly 5 lbs. for the month), and reading for Best American Fantasy 4, I just don't have the time, energy, or desire to keep abreast of what is being discussed in various online locales.

And ya know what?  I don't mind that one bit.

Sometimes, being disconnected for a while does wonders.  Don't have to worry what X, Y, or Z are saying about books A or B.  Don't feel compelled to get into a debate that much about the merits of authors C or D.  Don't hear that "white noise" so much.  Other shiny things out there that serve to put my love of reading into perspective.  Oh, and deciding to learn one new language (Attic Greek) this year is part of an overhaul I'm doing to both increase my focus and to help expand my creativity.  Maybe in a few months, once the BAF4 reading cycle subsides and once I know more about where I stand in terms of my current day job, I'll be more curious about online matters.  But right now, disconnected is a great way to go.


Anonymous said...

Yea, I feel that too - that strong right now, that I wont talk about your blog-entry, but about your poll.
I voted for Borges. I guess, when blind Han can best Boba Fett, the most dangerous bounty hunter there is, the librarian should easily thrash some ninjas/pirates. Specially, as the most dangerous power of ninjas is, that they are invisible.


Larry said...

Of course! That and Borges knew so much about knife fights that he wrote several stories about them, thus hinting at his abilities to fight off pirates as well.

Martin said...

Is your RSS feed okay? It seems to have been a bit eratic recently (for example, never of the last two posts have appeared in my reader yet).

Chad Hull said...

Easy-E wrote a book? Wait. don't tell me... It's too scary to think about.

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