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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

This probably won't win me many new friends

Just a few random thoughts, in lieu of a proper reflective essays:

In all the talk about the Amazon/Macmillan struggle, I find myself wondering in this titanic struggle of the capitalists, who really is concerning themselves with the proletariat?  Seems that boycotts and protests are a bit misguided, in that I see little good that can come out of it, other than those frustrated with one side or the other can feel good about voicing their frustrations.  Vast majority of the consumers (that bland, faceless, nearly formless writhing mass that wriggles its way through all economic matters like a blind, questing maggot) are totally unaware and/or uncaring about all this - matters of pricing/control are of little import to them.

I once joked there should be a Goodkind corollary to Godwin's Law.  I'm beginning to think that I might have to write another such post in regards to George R.R. Martin and those who bash/defend him.  I feel dirty even mentioning this here, since it just keeps the name and the ugly discussion memories alive, but I really don't care whose bitch is whose.  I'm left wondering if the circular nature of these defenses/bashings are little more than attempts to draw traffic.  Like I said, I feel dirty mentioning this, since even mentioning it contributes to the feeding of the evil machines.

On nights like tonight, slightly feverish and coughing frequently, I find myself reflecting on how privileged I've been throughout my life.  Whether it's ethnicity, gender, social class, or education, rolled quite a few 5's and 6's, with little more than blind luck involved.  What right do I have to talk about the struggle for social rights?  Thought that came up again after debating whether or not to lend a student W.E.B. DuBois' The Souls of Black Folk.  Answers to that question still being worked out.

Watched We Shall Not Be Moved on Monday with my students.  MLK died fighting for the economic rights of garbagemen.  Who today is fighting for the rights of the salt of the earth?  Or are we just more concerned with fighting for the rights of our self-convenience and leisure?  Do group identities trump beliefs in a common hope and future?

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Anonymous said...

As someone who instigates some of the recent GRRM discussions, I don't think its really just an attempt to increase traffic - I just think there are people on both sides who want to convince someone to change their mind.
On another note - I grew up in a small town in the midwest, with minimal minority population; yet when my teacher handed me a copy of The Souls of Black Folk in high school, it was terrific. Do it without question or concern.

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