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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Poll Results for the Third 2011 Reviewing Poll

Rousseau, The Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  7 (6%)
Goethe, Faust (both parts)
  27 (24%)
Abercrombie, The Heroes
  30 (27%)
Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov
  35 (31%)
Shakespeare, Poems
  11 (10%)
Lawrence, Women in Love
  9 (8%)
Aristophanes, The Birds & The Frogs
  10 (9%)
Swift, Gulliver's Travels
  20 (18%)
Pascal, Pensées
  13 (11%)
London, The Sea-Wolf
  5 (4%)
Erikson, The Crippled God
  42 (38%)
Mann, The Magic Mountain
  18 (16%)
Harte, California Stories
  1 (0%)
Irwin, The Arabian Nightmare
  13 (11%)
Delany, Nova
  20 (18%)
Gilman, Herland
  5 (4%)

Here are the final results of the third 2011 reviewing poll I've run. I let this one run for two weeks (as I actually hadn't read most of the books on the list at the time of posting it; still have 1/3 left to read, including the top 3 books chosen on this list, as the Erikson won't be arriving until early next week and I plan on finishing the other two later this weekend), and the closeness of several of these speaks volumes of the wide interests of this blog's readership.

I still have 1-2 at least from the previous poll to review in the next couple of days (Rabelais at least, maybe the 6th-8th choices in the coming weeks), but the bolded titles I do hope to get to in the coming weeks.

Shortly, I'll be posting a fourth poll, again to run for two weeks. Feel free to weigh in on your thoughts about the poll results and on these polls in general (I still plan on reviewing certain "losers" at a latter date, as I will be doing my own chosen reviews in the next few weeks).

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James said...

I think I look forward to your review of the new Erikson the most. If my copy of Dust of Dreams was not over a thousand miles away with about a hundred pages remaining unread, I would probably be a little more excited about The Cripple God's release. I seem to remember you mentioning something along the lines of Erikson having more in common with the New Weird than Epic Fantasy, but my memory may be a bit faulty. If I am remembering correctly, I know you recently(ish) did a reread of some of the books... still think so?


For your new poll, I took a break from my usual practice of choosing what appears to be the most antagonistic books on the list. Bolaño, Zivkovic, and Ashton were my picks.

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