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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Conjunction 56: Terra Incognita: The Voyage Issue

Received the May 2011 issue of Conjunctions in the mail today.  Conjunctions is one of my favorite literary journals, filled with 350-450 pages of original fiction and poetry (including some novel excerpts) in its biannual editions.  Below is the Table of Contents for the current issue.  See which names you can recognize (hopefully, there will be a few):

Benjamin Hale, The Minus World

Susan Steinberg, Spectacle

James Morrow, Fixing the Abyss

Kyra Simone, Seven Stories from the Palace of Rubble

Howard Norman, Radio from the Cities

Stephen Marche, Leaving Alberta

Cathy Park Hong, Three Poems

Kathryn Davis, Descent of the Aquanauts

Charles Bernstein, Recalculating

Alexandra Kleeman, The Brief History of Weather

Joanna Scott, De Potter’s First Grand Tour around the World

Donald Revell, Two Poems

Jonathan Carroll, East of Furious

Tim Horvath, Altered Native

Nomi Eve, The Education of Benesh the Matchmaker

Andrew Zawacki, f/11

Gabriel Blackwell, The I and the It

Robert Coover, The Box

Barney Rosset, China

Ryan Call, The Artificial Stork

Julia Elliott, Regeneration at Mukti

Peter Gizzi, Modern Adventures at Sea

Andrew Ervin, Under the Boardwalk

Cole Swensen, On Walks: Rousseau

John Madera, Notes toward the Recovery of Desiderata

G. C. Waldrep, Three Poems

Karla Kelsey, Aftermath

Marc Nieson, The Fortunes of Cities

Peter Straub, The Ballad of Ballard and Sandrine

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Ray Garraty said...

I've recognized 7.

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