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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Currently Reading

Although I'll list my April reads later this week (likely the weekend), I thought I'd provide readers a glimpse at what I'm alternating between at this moment:

Cormac McCarthy, Outer Dark (e-book)

José Maria Eça de Queirós, A Cidade e as Serras (e-book; Portuguese)

Félix Palma, El mapa del tiempo (Spanish)

William Faulkner, Requiem for a Nun

William Faulkner, As I Lay Dying 

John Sayles, A Moment in the Sun

Adam Levin, The Instructions

Thomas Wolfe, Look Homeward, Angel (re-read)

And sometime later this week, I'll get around to reading China Miéville's Embassytown.  I've already read 26 books so far this month (but only two in the past week), so I should finish most, if not all, of the ones mentioned above.  Any of these books you've read before or are considering reading?


Tom Bremer said...

I am a relatively new follower of your blog... I think I got here through Pat's Fantasy Hotlist.

How in god's name do you read 26 books in a month??? This isn't a criticism, I actually want to know!

Is your job related to reading? Do you ever watch TV or movies?

I feel lucky if I can get through 2 books in a month! Anyway... cheers!

Lsrry said...

It's actually due to Serbian Reading Squirrels, or at least that's the facetious answer I give when the "real answer" isn't believed: I'm a self-taught reader and I see multiple lines of text at once and comprehend them all, so I read around 300-400 pages/hour (can go upwards of 600/hour in short bursts) with good comprehension. Reading 1-3 hours a day, that usually nets me around 8-12 books/week, time/energy permitting.

My day job is teaching at a residential drug rehab center and outside of sports and sometimes the news, I rarely watch any TV or go see any movies.

Answer your question?

drxray said...

I have Requiem for a nun but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. I'd love to hear what you think about it.

Tom Bremer said...

That answers it! Thanks for the reply... I was wondering if you had answered it before.

Do you ever read slowly, just for the heck of it?

I've heard Jon Stewart reads at a fast pace (though I don't know that it is your pace)... which is why he usually seems like he understands the book that his guests come on to promote.

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