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Monday, June 20, 2011

Pictorial evidence of why I like McSweeney's Quarterly Concern

This weekend, I quoted from an interview that touched upon one way in which print books might maintain their appeal in an e-world.  McSweeney's Quarterly Concern, a quarterly literary magazine/book/journal/etc., was cited in that passage and in the comments to that excerpt which I posted.  I had recently begun a subscription and in anticipation for issue #38, I went ahead and ordered the three previous issues.  Below are pics of the covers and contents of #35, #36, and #37.  Do these appeal to you at all?  Why or why not?


Eithin said...

The ukiyo-e evocation on #35 is delightful, and I'd pick it up immediately to find out who the artist was and check the contents page. The others, less so... slightly too far towards gimmicky for my taste, or perhaps it's just because I'm in tune with one gimmick and not the others.

Larry said...

Jordan Crane did the cover and interior art for #35. Currently reading it and it is a good quality. McSweeney's does rely on gimmickry, yes, but its fiction is also known for its championing of newer, more experimental authors. I might start writing reviews of the issues as I receive/finish them.

Super Happy Jen said...

I'd like to see those reviews. They are beautiful as objects, (as was said before). I'd like to hear your opinion on the whole package.

Larry said...

Maybe in the next few days for these three books at least. Next issue will be out in July, I think, so I'll review it soon after it's release.

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