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Friday, September 16, 2011

Books I'm Currently Reading

I'm currently alternating between these books on a coolish (around 60) Friday night.  The Jean Ray and Dino Buzzati books are in French and Italian, respectively.  The Buzzati arrived Thursday and the Ray today in the mail.

Excited about the Spiegelman book, as it arrived today as a review copy (it will be available on October 4).  I received the Morgenstern on Tuesday, its release date, and it's promising so far.

I did a rare thing in purchasing the English translations of Javier Marías' Tu rostro mañana trilogy after finishing the trilogy in Spanish on Thursday; I wanted to have the translations in case I decide to do a review and then a gift later to someone.  I would have bought the Tavares in Portuguese if it were readily available here in the US, but halfway through it (I received it around two weeks ago), I can note that it's an excellent story so far.

Maybe I'll finally get around to doing reviews this weekend or next.  I do have a short work week next week due to a mini-school break, so maybe by then I'll have a review or three written.  Perhaps it'll be of one or more of these books.

Any of these you've read before or would like to read?

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