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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Thinking of doing some themed months

Found a reference elsewhere this evening about my July 2010 Borges Month, which reminded me that was the month with the highest traffic here (now I'm pulling maybe 40% of that month's numbers).  Not that I'm motivated to do something strictly for hits (instead, thinking it might be something fun that more readers might want to read), but I'm thinking about devoting the next few months to a few authors.

For example, September will see me cover some works by Flann O'Brien and Italian writer Dino Buzzati.  In October, I would start covering more authors found inside the upcoming anthology The Weird; perhaps some combination of Italo Calvino and Umberto Eco in conjunction with this.  Maybe Gabriel García Márquez late in the year.  Possibly, could cover others as well, not necessarily in formal reviews, but in shorter, more informal pieces similar to what I did for some of the Borges pieces.  Lots of options, which is what makes this enticing to me.

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Hélène said...

Buzzati, Calvino, Ecco : YES!

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