The OF Blog: I passed the first two certification exams!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I passed the first two certification exams!

I just saw my Praxis II test scores for English and English as a Second Language go live on the ETS site.  Here are the results:

English Language Literature Comp/Content Knowledge - 199/200 (minimum passing score was 157.  There was an (E) beside the score, meaning that I earned an ETS Recognition of Excellence.

English To Speakers of Other Languages - 161/200 (minimum passing score was 143).  I had never taken any linguistics or ESL classes (and only a handful of English classes), so considering that the 25-75 percentile range for the ESL was 149-169, I am moderately pleased with this (the English 25-75 percentile range was 166-188).

I still have another English certification test to take on the 28th in the assessment of essays/grading, but I should pass that.  Then in the next month or two (I'll find out more later this week), I'll be fully certified in both fields, to go along with my US/World History and Government/Civics certifications.  And before anyone inquires about how someone who didn't major/minor in a field can be certified to teach, several states allow previously-certified teachers to take tests in other fields and if they pass, they don't have to take the requisite coursework or do additional internships/student teaching to become certified in those extra fields.

Now to hope this lands me a job in the next couple of months.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Larry! I know it'll be good for kids to have you back in the classroom.


RobB said...

Congratulations Larry and best of luck in the job hunt, which you know isn't always the easiest hunt

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