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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

An odd survey

I'm slowly working my way around to reading/writing reviews of more recent works (hopefully once I finish this juvenile/adventure challenge later this week, I'll start with some recent books that I've received from Portugal and elsewhere outside the US), but in the meantime, I thought I'd write something that would allow my patient readers to be silly/creative/dead serious.  So I thought I'd post this little survey.  Feel free to answer (or not) as you may and to repost it if that's your inclination.  Hopefully, there's something for most everyone here:

1.  Do you believe that global warming could be ameliorated if there were more pirates in the world?

2.  What is the last book you read and would you recommend it to a hobo who likes to speak in alliterations? 

3.  Which cartoon group, the Smurfs or the Care Bears, would most likely be condemned by "family" groups today?

4.  Should there be more catfights among SF Fandom and/or authors?

5.  When I finally decide to post a photo of myself here, should I go with a beret or just merely a scarf wrapped around my neck in a diffident manner?

6.  Does book porn make you think inappropriate literary thoughts?

7.  If you have a Twitter account, how many literate squirrels do you follow on there?

8.  Which genre of books should I review more often:  pirates, westerns, ninjas, squirrels, Shatner?

9.  If you could get me to ask any question to any author, what would be the most inappropriate question that would come to mind and to which author would you want that question addressed?

10.  What was the best book that you ever read and ended up kicking across a room?

11.  What is more erotic, the sound of pages turning or the smell of an old book's binding?

I think 11 is enough.  Curious to see if any will answer these.


marco said...

The Smurfs! Thinly veiled gay communist propaganda!

Larry Nolen said...

My dad actually thought so (well, maybe not the gay part, but certainly the communist element) and tried to ban me from watching it when I was 7-8. He even told his football players about doing so, so at the tiny K-12 school I attended, I would get asked about it. Of course, he had football meetings in the morning Saturdays and my mother would go grocery shopping, so I watched it then.

Such a rebel I was ;)

Anonymous said...

#9) Scott Lynch- Is there anyway you can man the fuck up and give us some more Locke Lamora?

Larry Nolen said...

Umm, yes, that would indeed be a very inappropriate question to ask that particular author.

srs said...

1. As long as all the rum does not cause said pirates to emit large quantities of methane, global warming should be unaffected.
2. White Luck Warrior. Probably not for hobos.
3. In my family "Care Bears" will be verboeten. "Smurfs" will be allowed, but only the cartoons - not the movie. Any child of mine who brings up "Masters of the Universe" will be sent West.
4. In a bar with some good beer in good fun, fine. Online, it's probably better for everyone's blood pressure to avoid cat fights.
5. Scarf. Unless the beret has a squirrel logo.
6. I don't feel comfortable discussing this on a public forum.
7. N/A
8. The enjoyment of your readers reading Shatner reviews is probably inversely proportional to your reading Shatner.
9. see 3rd response above and s/Scott Lynch/GRRM/g s/Lock Lamora/Winds of Winter/g (ok, maybe more politely)
10. In high school I remember throwing Brothers Karamozov across my bedroom and hitting the closet door after reading various sections. This was satisfying until I tried it with a hardcover college text my freshman year and knocked the door off its tracks.
11. Sound.

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