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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New and forthcoming e-book collections/novel that you should consider reading

Sometimes, the end of the year sees the (re)issuing of interesting collections and novels.  Recently, I have received or been offered four e-book collections/novel and although I have to date have completed only one of them, each of these intrigues me enough that I wanted to bring these to your attention, especially if you have e-readers/tablets and don't mind reading e-books (I believe most, if not all of these will see print editions in the near future).  Each of these have either been released since the first of the month or will be released by month's end in a variety of e-formats. 

Nir Yaniv, The Love Machine & Other Contraptions. (Infinity Plus).  Released in late November in both print and e-book editions, Israeli writer Nir Yaniv's debut English-language collection, The Love Machine & Other Contraptions, has been translated by various writers, from Lavie Tidhar to Yaniv himself, into English.  The stories here cover a wide range of ground and as this is the only one of the books that I've read before writing this post, I can safely say that I enjoyed this one quite a bit.  Uncertain if I'll be able to write a formal review before Christmas, but perhaps I'll have more to say by New Year's Eve or maybe early January 2013.

Amos Tutuola, Don't Pay Bad for Bad. (Cheeky Frawg)Released in early December in a variety of e-formats (Amazon, Wizard's Tower Press), this is a collection of some of the late Nigerian writer Tutuola's shorter fictions.  Will be reading this one later this week, as I've been meaning for ages to read his The Palm-Wine Drunkard and now I have no excuse to put off reading his work.  Review either late this month or in January.

K.J. Bishop, That Book your Mad Ancestor Wrote (self-published by Bishop).  Released so far only on Amazon US and UK, with a print format planned for next year, this is an intriguing collection that came on December 13.  I read and enjoyed Bishop's The Etched City soon after its Prime Books edition was released several years ago, so I am very curious to see how a collection of her short fiction reads.  Hope to have an e-copy shortly, with reading to take place before Christmas and possible review by early January at the latest.

Leena Krohn, Tainaron (Cheeky Frawg).  Scheduled to be released very shortly (before month's end, I believe) at the same places where Don't Pay Bad for Bad is being sold, this is the e-book reprint of Krohn's first short novel to be published in English translation.  I believe that in 2013 some more works by her and other Finnish writers will be released by Cheeky Frawg in an e-book anthology called It Came from the North:  A Finnish Fantasy Sampler and possibly another novel of hers.  I have an e-copy of Tainaron now for review purposes and will be reading it this weekend, likely for review in January if not before then.

Let me know which, if any, of these titles interest you the most and I'll see about bumping up coverage a little bit.

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Unknown said...

I'm interviewing Nir for The Skiffy and Fanty Show on Friday night (release date after Christmas, most likely). Also: Christopher Barzak :)

So, count it on my list!

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