The OF Blog: What Santa Squirrel Brought for Me in 2012

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What Santa Squirrel Brought for Me in 2012

After years of teasing my mom about how she would make everyone but me a quilt, pillow, etc., she surprised me last night (we have a tradition of exchanging gifts on Christmas Eve, as we travel Christmas Day to visit relatives on my mom's side of the family) with this quilt that she made for me.  Certainly the best Squirrelmas gift I have ever received.

In addition, I received $80 in iTunes cards, $150 in cash, and some clothes, so it has been good on that end (not that I get too enthused about gifts these days, with the notable exception above).  Going to buy some e-books and music with the gift cards shortly.  

What did you get for Christmas/Squirrelmas?

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