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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

More squirrelpunk information

For those who thought my March 31 post on Squirrelpunk was merely an April Fools' Day prank posted a few minutes early, I'm actually giving semi-serious consideration to collecting squirrel-related fiction into an anthology sometime in the next few years. It would be something interesting and out there, no?

In the meantime, here's a squirrelpunk video for you to enjoy:


Jonathan M said...

Actually, I have seen sillier ideas.

1) Ellen Datlow routinely puts out cat anthologies.

2) There's an RPG called Burrows and Bunnies where you play a rabbit adventurer.

I can completely imagine a collection of squirrel-based short stories.

I thought you were being completely serious. I thought it was maybe a bit whimsical given your normally quite serious tastes but I would certainly rather read a squirrelpunk collection than one of La Datlow's cat anthologies.

Larry said...

Ha! :P I did receive one of those in the mail recently, as a matter of fact. And did you ever see the DAW anthology from last autumn called Killer Rabbits and Zombie Raccoons? I think it had a squirrel story in there, but I had already sent that one on to a young woman I know who'd enjoy it more than I would.

But yeah, I was semi-serious, as the squirrel comments are part of an in-joke I share with another, plus I do like the rodents. It would be interesting to see what sort of fiction could be found that would deal with them and it definitely would stand out from a cat or dog anthology.

marco said...

Actually, I understand Datlow has a liberal understanding of "cat" in her anthologies. According to the TOC, she includes stories like "Catskin" by Kelly Link, "The Jaguar Hunter" by Lucius Shepard, "The Manticore Spell" by Jeffrey Ford, "The Puma" by Theodora Goss, "Every Angel is Terrifying" by John Kessel ,"The Manticore's Tale" by Catherynne M Valente, and again stories by John Crowley,Elizabeth Hand, Joyce Carol Oates, Nicholas Royle, Graham Joyce...
I'm beginning to think that volume risks being better than the various Fantasy Best Ofs.
Your Squirrelpunk anthology wouldn't have a prayer.

Oh, and my cat pwns squirrels. Or rather, she eats them, like the small rodents they are. I found half-digested evidence (tails) in my garden.

marco said...

Ps Are you familiar with this Marvel comics character?
Squirrel Girl

Larry said...

Yes, I'm familiar with Squirrel Girl and hey, who knows what gems I might find if Squirrelpunk can become a viable movement! And the grays and fox squirrels around here tend to give cats problems. It's usually hawks that are the predators. My dogs stand no chance against them and one suffered a bloody nose when she tried to tree a squirrel a few years ago :P

marco said...

That cat is a real mutha.Even the dogs tend to keep their distance.

who knows what gems I might find if Squirrelpunk can become a viable movement!

Ah, but set against all the inspiration from all kinds of felines, real and imaginary?

"Squirrel squirrel burning bright"

Nah, I don't think so...

Larry said...

Well, it also depends upon the species of squirrel. I know California Rock Squirrels on occasion will attack and sometimes kill rattlesnakes.

Then there are squirrels who will attack deer.

And let's not forget squirrel-like creatures who who put forest fires...

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