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Friday, April 02, 2010

Taking a mini-break

Have a lot of projects to do, including studying for the GRE (exam is on April 16), so I am going to take this holiday weekend off for the most part.  Reviews of Nadine Gordimer's A Guest of Honour, Thomas Pynchon's V. and Joel Shepherd's last two novels, Sasha and Petrodor, will appear sometime next week.  After I get my studying routine down pat, I may go back to reviewing each book within 24 hours of it being read (or 1-2 reviews/day).

After I finish that batch I listed a few days ago, I'm giving strong consideration to reviewing a book related to my grad studies, although it wouldn't be written in the academic style that I used back in the 1990s.  Perhaps "Godwin's Law" can be expanded to cover a certain type of book being reviewed?

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Angel said...

Well, I'm looking forward to your comment on Pynchon. AT the moment I'm into Vineland and I think it's great. Lots of unforgettable characters and different paths to the story,
best wishes

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