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Sunday, May 02, 2010

A deep thought from George R.R. Martin's A Clash of Kings

There is a profound statement within this passage. Can you guess what it is?

"They want to hunt," agreed Gage the cook as he tossed cubes of suet in a great kettle of stew. "A wolf smells better'n any man. Like as not, they've caught the scent o' prey."

Maester Luwin did not think so. "Wolves often howl at the moon. These are howling at the comet. She how bright it is, Bran? Perchance they think it
is the moon."

When Bran repeated that to Osha, she laughed aloud. "Your wolves have more wit than your maester," the wildling woman said. "They know truths the grey man has forgotten." The way she said it made him shiver, and when he asked what the comet meant, she answered, "Blood and fire, boy, and nothing sweet."

Bran asked Septon Chayle about the comet while they were sorting through some scrolls snatched from the library fire. "It is the sword that slays the season," he replied, and soon after the white raven came from Oldtown bringing word of autumn, so doubtless he was right.

Though Old Nan did not think so, and she'd lived longer than any of them. "Dragons," she said, lifting her head and sniffing. She was near blind and could not see the comet, yet she claimed she could
smell it. "It be dragons, boy," she insisted. Bran got no princes from Nan, no more than he ever had.

Hodor said only, "Hodor." That was all he ever said. (pp. 71-72)


Rajashekar Iyer said...

Hmmm... Old Nan can smell Rand al'Thor? Is that it?

Larry said...

Keep guessing? :P

Adam Whitehead said...


I noted this passage in my reread a few months back, and it did make me laugh that Old Nan was the one who was right (sort of).

Larry said...

Hodor :D

I should make a post sometime dedicated solely to him, filled with quotes of his wise sayings ;)

Yeah, the Old Nan bit was more prescient than the others, kinda ;)

PeterWilliam said...

Damn it! I was looking for squirrels. Perhaps that's what the wolves were howling at.

Larry said...

Sadly, there was much squirrel killing by Shaggydog and Summer later in this novel :(

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