The OF Blog: I ask y'all: Are fantasy bloggers "dumber" than SF bloggers?

Monday, February 07, 2011

I ask y'all: Are fantasy bloggers "dumber" than SF bloggers?

After reading Aidan's post about perceptions of "dumbness" among SF/Fantasy groups, I thought I would humbly submit the above question for readers here to consider.  Are Fantasy bloggers "dumber" than SF bloggers?  After all, there are often comments from certain quarters than bemoan the tendency of Fantasy bloggers to engage in "herd-like activities" such as furthering the promotion of heavily-promoted new works.  Likewise, there may be the perception that SF bloggers are being too proud of their idiosyncrasies and are even more likely than Fantasy bloggers to go back to the well in order to find their "comfort food" of the same-old, same-old.

What do you think?  Are Fantasy bloggers "dumber" than SF bloggers?  Are SF bloggers "more boring" than Fantasy bloggers?  And do bloggers who don't profess to either genre have the right to be bewildered by all of this yakking?  Or shall the rabid squirrels get the last laugh on us all?


Jason said...

I don't really want to touch this provocative subject, of course. But I will say this: fantasy looks back to the past; SF looks forward to the future. Fantasy therefore has a certain historical richness baked-in; or, to put it negatively, a complacence. And SF requires the imagination to think about its brand-new creations; but, to put it negatively, this brand-newness can come off as a thinness.

I think there may very well be something to the sharpest minds, reading and writing, being drawn to SF over fantasy. But this intellectual "sharpness" is but one facet of intelligence. And I have found, to my surprise, the most emotionally and spiritually satisfying genre work to be in fantasy.

How'zat for balanced?

Tom said...

Watching Fantasy and Sci-Fi bloggers hurl expletives at one another regarding intelligence is like watching two monkeys throwing feces. When it's over, neither looks very smart and both stink.

Daniel said...

I think casting judgement on people intelligence is the quickest way to being a dick.
So some fantasy bloggers do x, so some sf bloggers do y. If someone dislikes their blog, do something different, or discuss it without resorting to labeling someone as dumb.
I think calling someone dumb just shows pretentiousness and doesn't advance the conversation, whether that be about blogging, genre or whatever tickles your fancy.

James said...

I blog about fantasy, SF , horror, and lit. I have no problem admitting that I am probably dumber than most other bloggers. I doubt it has anything to do with what I choose to read.

Aidan Moher said...

I think the more perceptive reader could see that I wasn't searching for an answer to the question, but pointing out the absurdity of making such a suggestion on the back of broad generalizations about readers of one genre or another.

Ben Godby said...

I seem to hear a lot more jackassery and vitriol from SF bloggers. It's not a matter of intelligence; rather, I think there's a conceit that science fiction is doing work that is just as important to the advancement of human civilization as, y'know, actual science. Those punks always make me steam. (And yes, that joke was free.)

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