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Friday, July 08, 2011

Weird collage my students and I are doing as a work in progress

Every month or so, each classroom at the residential rehab center where I teach has to decorate a bulletin board outside our rooms, showcasing some theme or student creativity.  For July-August, my class is doing a collage of weird things that we notice in magazines,  newspapers, and online photos.  Most of these are student-chosen and some of them need a bit of context (such as their referencing of a news video I showed them last week about the Japanese making artificial steaks out of the bacteria found in human feces or the Michael Vick dogfighting case from a few years ago) for full enjoyment, but do enjoy some of the weirdness we've done (we're only 2/3 done, thus the noticeable gaps in some places).

Do rednecks really know trucks?  I leave that up to your imagination...

Yes, no collage would be complete without a lunging rabid squirrel jumping out from the University of Tennessee athletics logo.  One of my students said it looked like the squirrel was being crucified, leading to the question of the possible existence of a squirrel Jesus.  Yes, my class can be a weird place at times...

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