The OF Blog: Who would win in this battle?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Who would win in this battle?

Since there seem to be all sort of character/book/author/cover art "battles" out there, I thought I'd pose this question:

Who would win in a battle between Orko and Snarf?


David Soares said...

My money is on Orco, of course. Unless he's allergic to cat fur... Then the furry thing will win, shame.


Aishwarya said...

Orko. Because *anything* would win against Snarf.

ST said...

Unless they take each other out, everyone loses.

Anonymous said...


He-Man is for clomping nerds. Thudercats engages with the world and forces the viewer to understand the flawed world of Third-Earth.

- Zach

Larry said...

Good thing I didn't ask about how either one of them would fare against the fell Jar-Jar Binks, huh? ;)

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