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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

When I have the time...

I know I've been rather quiet on the article/review front lately, as I've been busy prepping for an audit Wednesday.  Nothing says fun like working 12 hours this weekend and another 8 hours yesterday with a sub in my room administering, grading, and scoring nearly three dozen assessment tests, then filing them and making copies of the data for inclusion in the new database.  It's very time-consuming and yet I can't complain, as it's kept my brain active.

But I do want to do more here, so here are some tentative plans:

First, expect to hear more about the first interview I've conducted in over a year in the next week.  Finalizing that one tonight/Wednesday.  It will not be posted here, however.

Second, I want to review some non-fiction.  One book I have in mind is Douglas Perry's book, The Girls of Murder City.  I already have a killer intro in mind for that pop-historical book.  If I'm up for the challenge, I could review the 1968 book that Pope Benedict XVI wrote, An Introduction to Christianity, but that might be a bit too esoteric for some people, but who knows?  And then there's Umberto Eco's latest book, Confessions of a Young Novelist, which is a fascinating read so far.  Maybe soon...

I also want to review some shorter fiction, so expect to see some reviews in the coming weeks.  Some of these will not be genre-associated works.

When I have the time, I'd like to review Jesse Ball's new novel, The Curfew.  This is a book that I think several people will want to investigate, as its language is exquisite and the story behind the tale is intriguing.  Might be one of the rare books I re-read before the year is out (I like to go years between re-reads so I can forget better).  Lots of good books being produced from some interesting corners of the publishing realm.  New Rikki Ducornet, the Ransom Riggs book, and I did finally read that Genevieve Valentine book, although I hold it to be lesser than the other books/authors I mention here.  That's not to say I found it to be a poor or even mediocre book, mind you.

Lots of things to do when I have the time.  Now only to find that time.  Not likely until I'm older, alas.

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