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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Had to buy a new computer today

After nearly three years of service, my 13.3" MacBook Pro died today, victim to a fried motherboard.  I had pressed it into nearly around-the-clock service as an ersatz desktop and despite using a cooling pad, it probably overheated from being used so frequently.  I already had plans for buying a new Mac, but due to the timing of this, I decided that I would keep my 23" HP monitor and buy the 4 GB Mac Mini (2.5 Ghz i5 with 500 GB of storage, for the tech people; I only know this is middle-of-the-road) as a placeholder for a couple of years until I have again set aside the money for a high-end iMac that I want (yes, I am a mostly-satisfied Apple customer and no, I don't need to be told about Apple's policies or their tech specs, since I'm not a big gamer-type).

Anyway, here's a picture of the Mac Mini, the external DVD-RW drive, and an external hard drive that I use for Time Machine.  Speaking of the latter, it saved me a ton of headaches, as I was able to port over the vast majority of my files due to having done a backup a few months ago.  Wished I had done this more often, but there were performance issues issued (well, that and laziness).

The nosy among you can see a few UK edition fantasy books that I bought over the past decade, including a certain critical darling of the easily-outraged among the epic fantasy fandom ;)


MatsVS said...

The Foxconn (the factory in China that produces Apple-products) working conditions are a bit more interesting than hardware specs, no?

Larry said...

Yes, but alas, there's so few choices where there isn't some sort of systematic industrial exploitation of the workers. I would rather any outsourcing be conditioned upon decent worker conditions, if outsourcing must happen, but that certainly is not the case the vast majority of the times. Hardly anything I wear isn't some byproduct of economic imperialism.

MatsVS said...

Aye, that much is true. Personally, I only wear clothes hand-knitted by my grandmother whom I pay with hugs on holidays. I am certain you could reach a similar understanding with your army of squirrels!

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