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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I don't need to travel

We used to go fishing here as children.

See how beautiful the combination of a deciduous woodland and a pond is?

The photo was taken today during a walk around my family's property in a semi-wooded eight acre tract near Nashville, TN. People who know me well, from other family members to vacationing Canadians who have fled the harsh Canadian winter and the odiousness of some of their fellow Canucks, have expressed envy that I get to live in the aptly-named "Greenest Land in the Land of the Free" for virtually the entire year.  Imagine that!  It's like Happy Acres, minus the cornball comedy and ridiculous theme music!

Many of you, here and on Facebook, simply cannot believe how I can afford to enjoy natural beauty at home as much as I do. That always puts a smirk on my face, for there is no reason why most of you couldn't do the same. Most of you make as much or more money than I do, after all.

The biggest misconception out there is that living surrounded by natural beauty is a luxury. It's a ridiculous lie. Problem is, most people believe this. And hence, they also believe that they don't have the means to enjoy the wildlife around them.

As children, my siblings and I would wander through the woods, inventing games to keep us fascinated by the looming, mysterious branches from oak, sycamore, wild walnut, and poplar trees.

So I've decided that I'll write a post or a series of posts explaining just how you can stay at home without breaking the bank. Summer is coming, so here's to hoping that many of you will use this information to enjoy the natural beauty that could be yours for free (minus applicable property taxes). If you have some money on the side and a desire to see the backyard, chances are that you'll realize just how easy and affordable walking around your property can be.

Imagine how cool that would be! I'd be the one commenting on how beautiful your pics are on Facebook instead of the other way around! You'd see unbelievable sights, meet great and fascinating wildlife and domesticated pets, be forced to see the world through new perspectives, experience life in sometimes entirely different ways, and much, much more. And on your way back inside when you'd share your thoughts about your experiences, you just might raise the ire of and be accused of mocking the blissfully ignorant.  Wouldn't that be great?!?!?

One example of the domesticated life you might find outside your door.

With this post or posts, I just want to demonstrate how easily and inexpensively anyone can take time to enjoy the natural beauty around you and experience the trip of a lifetime.

There is a price for beauty, as houses surrounded by golf courses may be built just a couple hundred yards away.

I know that life has not always been easy for Pat and that he's often found himself strapped for actual beauty near him in the past. Well, hopefully these posts will show that everyone has the means to actually go outside and enjoy natural beauty that is practically outside your doorstep. And the next time he wants to elaborate on why he supported something as heinous as writing about a country about which he has little clue, he will be able to offer insightful commentary based on his own real-life traveling experiences outside his doorstep instead of a quote from a Robert Stanek work. . .

Stay tuned for more. . . And start making outside adventure plans for this spring/summer! =)

Yes, I am blessed to have many squirrels and their dreys around my family's property.


Randell said...

From a fellow Tennessean, your support for a blog titled "Requires only that you Hate" is very, very disturbing. I won't be reading your blog anymore. I'll be sticking with Pat. Never thought I'd choose a Canadian over a Tennessean, but your attack on him lacked substance, your later explanation was faulty, pedantic and illogical, and the back and forth between the two of you is ridiculous...

Larry said...

OK. Thank you for your input.

requireshate said...

Randell, your support for a blog that happily approves racist, sexist comments... tells a whole lot about you, actually! Never took Human Decency 101, did you?

May the door crush your balls to a pulp on the way out, I believe it's steel-reinforced.

Larry said...

A bit blunter than I would have put it, yes, but I stopped caring for that site when I noticed Pat's views emerging there, those that I consider to be antithetical to my own and disgusting in places. This parody was mild. The original at his site contains much worse than anything I've said here or elsewhere.

If some want to cheer that on, be my guest...elsewhere.

Alex said...


(More seriously, this is actually something I'm trying to do. I love foreign travel, but there's an awful lot of awesome closer to home: barrows in the Scottish Isles! abandoned buildings across the country! (small) mountains! beautiful landscapes! I really want to start valuing and enjoying these more.)

James said...

From a former fellow Tennessean, your support for a blog titled "Requires only that you Hate" is very, very refreshing. I will be reading your blog more. I will not be sticking with Pat, as your blog and her's has exposed me to his rampant racism, sexism, and general fucktardedness. I never though I'd have to choose between a Canadian and Tennessean and I still don't have to. Your "attack" on him, as well as acrackedmoon's own, is backed by the disturbing content of his posts and the comments he allows to get through moderation. His later attack was personal and vicious, the lashing out of someone who seems to have been profoundly hurt by a fellow man standing in agreement with a woman... a Thai woman. The back and forth between the two of you is hilarious. Pat's defenses are faulty, petulant and juvenile at best. Keep besting him.

Larry said...

I do love travel, even if my parody seems to have led a few elsewhere to read it as being a serious response to the parodied post in question, but what I love about travel near and far is discovering other peoples' perspectives and then, perhaps, seeing the artifacts of their ancestors' deeds. Considering strongly visiting Ft. Henry, Ft. Donelson, and Shiloh this year as it's the 150th anniversary for those battles in my state, battles that shaped my culture, even if it's root reason is heinous to the extreme.

And James, ha! :P

Human Perversity said...

Nice pictures.

I live in Las Vegas. The only natural beauty on display are the coyotes that occasionally sneak in and eat people's pets.

Anonymous said...

You guys ever thought about actually talking to each other instead of sniping at each other in your blogs like high school girls who didn't make the cheer-leading squad?

Larry said...


My parents were out west this past summer and stopped in Vegas for part of an afternoon on their way from the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone. They took some beautiful pictures in the area, so you do have that :D As for coyotes, I hear them at night, at least until the dog chases them off.


No. I'm just in a sarcastic mood now, but for the past couple of years at least, I've been very disappointed to say the least with the views I've seen expressed there. I do not associate with people who hold such opinions in real life, so why would I online?

Larry said...

Generally, I don't delete comments unless they are from spambots, but I just did, after I copy/pasted this to edit below:

"I agree with anon 1. this shit's getting ridiculous. and it's only out of some morbid kind of respect that i'm not [edit: yes, there is a problem when you think you can lecture me and then use sexist terminology, not that you probably think of yourself as making a fool of yourself]. To be honest, I kind of stopped frequenting your blog when you started posting what you personally enjoy (which is fine, but I miss the days where you had a bit more fantasy material to go along with it). But your never-ending flame war against pat is just getting plain stupid. for once, lets lay down the guns, get off each others asses and TALK. Yes, talk. to EACH OTHER. you know, SORT THINGS OUT. maybe then this litte blogwar will die down, pat could feel much happier about you being on good terms with him and [edit: the attempt to do faux-diplomacy fails with utterings of frustration that show an inability to hold a strong dissenting opinion without insulting two third parties here] can finally begone and we'll never have another person like her disrupt the PEACE. To quote the man Spock "live long and prosper"."

And sadly, these responses, even when edited, seem to underscore the ineptitude of those who wish for me to change my position. If anything, it appears to make those who support comments that are at best insensitive to be tools.

Joe Sherry said...

You are a snarky bastard, but you make me laugh.

Larry said...

Good, as I do aim for snark-induced laughter on here on occasion :D

Looking at the photos, the one of the dog and its caption is my favorite.

Joe Sherry said...

You will always win with a picture of your dog.

Larry said...

Molly certainly is one of my all-time favorite pets. We got her seven years ago this upcoming weekend.

Michal said...

I'll leave the snipes at Pat's post aside (though they did make me laugh). However, I really did enjoy this post on the simple level of opening your eyes and looking at the natural beauty around you. I live just outside of Whitehorse, Yukon, in a cabin in the middle of the woods (with a wood stove to boot), and I'm completely in love with my surroundings summer or winter.

After all, it's not everywhere you get to see your dog chased around by a moose. Or a bear just sort of hanging around in a tree.

I'm always disappointed talking to people who've done a gap year or a recent trip and yet seem to still seem to know absolutely nothing about the countries they've visited except that it was warm there.

Larry said...

Glad you saw the true love I do have for my region beneath the sarcastic parody of that post. I do travel when I can, but not as much as I did in my 20s, but you're right about how easy it is for people to overlook the natural beauties around them. One of my favorite nocturnal activities (well, of those I feel comfortable sharing here!) is going outside on a clear night and seeing what constellations I can identify. It's harder with the encroaching city and the light pollution, but I still remember seeing the Milky Way as a child, something I can't see where I live now.

Sounds like you are blessed with beauty around you and even more blessed to realize this and to enjoy it year-round. For myself, I'm looking forward to May, when the wild honeysuckle bloom and the air is perfumed with them. That is about the equal to the view of the Atlantic Ocean that I enjoyed when I lived near Miami.

Finally, as much as many online love cats, there's nothing like going on a hike and having a dog accompany you, sniffing and discovering wonders as it follows along.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you got his message, Larry. Just. Stop. Fighting. Is THAT so hard to understand? The reason he reacts this way is because he's visibly frustrated with you and pat. And I am too. Reqireshate launched an attack and started a flame war that you could have very well left alone. Instead, you jump to the cause, guns blazing, all to eager to get back at someone who thought of you (once) as a friend. Someone who still has the link to your blog on his website. As for pat, I don't blame him for for wanting to point out this idiocy, but I respect him even more for not doing what you did. How would you feel if reqireshate were to talk shit about YOU and someone you thought was your friend started to spread the word on twitter hours later to drive more idjits (like our fellow james here) to your site to tear your ass open. Yes, there are things that I personally disagree on with pat, just as you have things you disagree on with him (as your blog post reinstates). BUT, that doesn't mean you cant be on good terms with him either. You probably think I'm trying to guilt you into being friends with pat again (if you two ever were friends in the first place) but i'm not. I'm just warning you. like anon 2 said, there is still a chance to let this pass. I can understand why you're against pat, but the point is that it's gotten WAY out of hand. And constantly supporting the efforts of a hard-nosed troll wont help matters anyhow. Just. let. It. Go. And hey, maybe then if you decide to swing by pat's site, you'll hear good things being said about your blog (and maybe even vice-versa on your own as well). Goodnight.

Next Friday said...

LOL! During spring/summer Blue Ridge, Piedmont, and the valleys are actually quite beautiful. One can also come up with a number of activities that an outsider would find exciting, exotic, and refreshing. Summer Redneck Games, for example... khm..

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I'll assume my comment didn't go through out of good faith. WHat I said was, sitting down and talking things out is what civilized people do when they disagree. Also, since this started by you wanting people to think differently about certain issues, I think it's a bit hypocritical to say you're not going to talk to someone who you disagree with. Only talking to people you agree with about things is really going to go nowhere.

Don't see how that contains anything that might be offensive.

Larry said...


While I appreciate the civil tone, there is a longer history that goes back some way, one that I will not go into detail. I don't plan on making a regular habit of this on my blog (1-2 times a year is not a regular habit, despite what some might say; I pick on others more often whose ideas and personalities I respect more), but I can honestly say that I don't care if there was no further communication, because I really have been uncomfortable for years with his statements on a variety of issues and while I didn't make serious points about them, I have no problem noting briefly that I found those quoted sections (and the full posts from which they were taken) to be enough for me to want a complete disassociation. What is strange about it is the reaction that some have just because I have followed the ROTYH blog since the summer and that I find many of her critiques to be challenging to my own previously-held conceptions of gender/sexuality/race issues in literature. Some of those reactions and the lack of condemnation (if anything, there has been support for the worst excesses, such as the ones I edited out of a comment here) only serves to confirm that I want nothing more to do with him and I doubt I ever will. But I won't pass up the opportunity to do a parody of something if it presents itself. If that bothers some, I understand if they choose to stop visiting here.


My favorite place to visit happens to be the Asheville area :D Haven't been that way in years, though, so maybe this spring/summer I'll go for a long weekend, if I can find the time.

Larry said...


What was offensive happened to be the comments referring to a woman by her genitalia and presuming things about mental states. I have been a teacher for years in residential treatment centers and I don't tolerate that sort of language, so I copy/pasted the comment and edited out what I personally consider offensive. I also by choice do my best to not associate with people who continue to make racist comments, as I am not exactly 100% white.

Anonymous said...

As with randell, Im afraid you have lost another follower tonight, Larry. So long and thanks for the memories.


Larry said...

Fare thee well.

Anonymous said...

What a joke.

another follower walking right out the door, Larry.

off to pat's, then.

Anonymous said...

After everything that's happened, seeing the link to reqiureshate's blog was more then enough convincing for me.

4th one out the building.

*slowly and peacefully walks away*

Anonymous said...

Oh, I meant in my post, but I really do think that the Internet ate it. I agree some of the posts supporting Pat have been vile. Honestly, I don't even read his travel posts and still don't. What's upset me and I think other people about ROTYH, and I know I'm beating a dead horse here, is how hateful it is. It's not just language and tone, it's when she threatens to murder people she disagrees with, and actively supports violence towards the so called"neckbeards". In a blog that's supposed to be about raising awareness about violence towards women/homosexuals don't you think that seems awfully hypocritical, particularly when she specifically mentions male genitalia in her violent statements? ? I know her argument is that none one listens if she is polite, but I've found sciborg2's posts here and on other places to be much more thought provoking and interesting then hers. I'm actually willing to here him out. With ROTYH, after the first few sentences I'm not even thinking about what said post was even actually about.

Also, Dead Horse Number 2, that fact that she deletes any post that dares question her is something that really ticks me of. It's what ticked me off with the Elizabeth Moon thing, the fact that she completely shut down any opposition to her. I know she says she's deleting offensive statements, but I've seen some of the ones that go up before they're deleted, and I can say that that is a flat out lie.

Anyway, I've had my say. I now return to the dark corners of the Internet to breed, or shit, or whatever it is us "neckbeards" do.

Anonymous said...

God, looks like I'll be leaving too.

Just too much.


P.S. I have an account. But my departure through 'anon' identity seemed more fitting somehow.


James said...

Aww, that's cute. You are losing Anonymous commenters, who apparently prefer daily doses of copy/paste content, racism, and sexism.

Next Friday said...

Asheville for some reason escapes me. I've been planning to see Biltmore, but the time is just never right.

Thailand looks more feasible with each day though. I'd gladly go just to give Moon a hug.

Larry said...

Thing is, I read her blog for reasons that go beyond the vitriol, as I've said before. Her take earlier today on Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber is intriguing, because she caught something that I probably never would have if it hadn't been mentioned to me. Just because she uses rant rhetoric to raise awareness of issues that trouble her doesn't mean one should dismiss her points out of hand. I don't for one minute think there's actual murderous intent, just the voicing of intense frustration in an eye-catching way.

But if one is judged solely by a small sample, then what does it say about each of us? That's why I'm not hurt or saddened by these "I'm not going to continue reading your blog" statements, because it's a personal choice. If what I say, when said honestly, is bothersome to people, then I hope they act on their conscience and go with it. If it means saying "bye," then so be it. if it means pausing to consider another's point of view, fair enough. If it means trying to cast curses on me, same applies.

But what's interesting is that this questioning of my interest in a blogger who rips into another for perceived racist and sexist attitudes. What's at stake in that for those responding? That's up to you, I suppose, but all I'm going to do is wish people well who leave and copy/paste before deleting and reposting edited versions of language as bad as or worse than what is being deplored in some of the other comments. I rarely use more than mild profanities in my life and I certainly don't condone cursing out another person who isn't present to read all of the comments. Those are the only edits/deletions I do, so rest assured there won't be anything else than that censored here, if that worries some who might otherwise comment.

And in the meantime, if it's night where you are, enjoy the stars. Seriously. I am not worthy of this amount of attention, whether or not you think it's deserved.

Larry said...

Biltmore is great, but I really love the Parkway at its southern end. One day, I'll spend an entire week away from the web and just go the entire distance and stop along the way and talk with people who live there.

James said...

It may have been for the wrong reasons and may not have lasted as long as they'd hoped, but my family moved to Tennessee when I was fourteen. We only stayed a year, during which everything went to hell, but there was plenty to see and do during that time.

We went hiking at Frozen Head State Park several times. I lived on the side of what was, to me, a native Floridian, a goddamn mountain, which we did attempt to climb. Give us a good rain and you'd find a waterfall up there. The place was fucking beautiful. You could pull off the side of the road and notice that through the trees on the shoulder and down a ways is a stream burbling among the rock, the water as clear and cold as you'd only imagine, and crayfish waiting to be caught, too. You couldn't see it from the highway. The only way you'd know about it was to stop off for some other coincidence.

Larry said...

I haven't been to the northeast part of the state for nearly 20 years now, but yes, they have some spectacular vistas that aren't ruined yet by tourists who "go for the experience" and yet seem to experience so little. Despite the family issues, sounds like you have at least something beautiful to remember from your time in Tennessee :D

Anonymous said...

That's another thing, I don't understand how someone who hates white people BECAUSE they're white and harps on about racism is not seen as a giant hypocrite. I think at the end of the day its not even the vitriol that gets to me, its the hypocrisy.

I had no idea there where past issues with Pat, although I will say, I'm in no way trying to defend Pat here, his views on Islam I find pretty disturbing. But yeah, if there are other things going on, it's really up to you if you want to talk to him or not.

Also, it's not even that I find some of crackedmoon's opinions disagreeable at points. I agree with her opinion of Bishop's Black Jewels trilogy almost completely, its the blatant sexism and racism in a blog that's supposed to be about the opposite of those things, and the fact that one seems to want to address them. Or the way she deletes posts, something else I haven't seen anyone bring up. When I bring up these things I get ignored or banned.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, Judging from a small sample size seems to be something ROTYH does. I believe she only read 5 pages of Bakker before passing judgment, although Bakker himself is a whole another can of worms.

James said...

Oh, and for those Anon who would like to refer to me as one of Requires Hate's "fake-ass followers" that "can finally begone", you should know that I have followed OF Blog for several years now and have actively commented on the content here for the past two. I have been following Requires Hate for a far shorter duration (Larry introduced me to the sight, I believe).

Larry said...

People handle things differently. Considering that her About page spells out her policy, I'd have to say that if someone wants to come in and lecture another for not being what they want him/her to be, I wouldn't blame that person one bit if s/he decided to enforce that stated policy of not allowing derailment attempts. As for the comments about race, there's a difference between prejudice (which we all have toward various things) and racism/sexism, which is encoded in institutions. Pretty hard for someone who has people trying to make references to her ethnicity, sexuality, and gender to claim that she has institutionalized prejudice. But I don't speak for her; she has spoken clearly on this issue herself. So I'd appreciate it if you'd take your issue with her elsewhere; issues with my approach obviously can stay here.

As for the Bakker bit, I don't think he intended for the text of his fiction to be misogynistic - he said several years ago to me when I asked him about it that he was trying for a meta-commentary on the relationship between scripture and misogyny and racism - but the near-total absence of female characters that belie this oppressive fictional system certainly supports a misogynistic reading of the text. That's where I stand on the issue, as I'm giving Bakker the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the story and if there is a "twist" that is coming, then I'd have to say it'll be interesting to see the reactions of people. If, however, there is not, then authors have to let their texts stand independent of their commentary, as readers are going to have valid reasons to perceive a lack of non-sexism in the text.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'll be honest, I like Bakker, but when it comes to his blog I have no idea what the hell the man is talking about. Way over my head.

Anonymous said...

Can you point me to where she has actually stated her views about this? Not snark, real question. Maybe things would start to make more sense.

Next Friday said...

Yes, we did the same thing a few times - went along 441, which runs just south of the Parkway, stopping for a few days sometimes and meeting all sorts of people. Unforgettable.

James said...

"Well, I'll be honest, I like Bakker, but when it comes to his blog I have no idea what the hell the man is talking about. Way over my head."

Don't worry about it, you are far from alone. My attempt to follow his blog early on was derailed by just not caring enough to make it through his posts. I really enjoy the first trilogy (I enjoy several of the authors Requires Hate tears into, actually), but The Judging Eye felt lacking and I've had no desire to return to the series, even though I have been assured that WLW is better and more like the original three.

rreugen said...

Hey, from a fellow human being, your support for a blog titled Requires Only Hate is very, very heartening.

Also, you seem to read more interesting books than other sff reviewers. What Hertha Muller was that you read in Catalan, Everything I posses I carry with me?

Eric M. Edwards said...


Anonymous posters leaving, posters who self-declare their preference for Pat's anodyne brand of clueless racism and misogyny, well, thank you very much. Why didn't you find the door sooner?

Of course we'll all be sorry not to see your intelligence and wit in the comments on nobel prize winning literature, insightful penetration voiced on the tricky business of translating rare Serbian works. Your nuanced interpretations of fantasy and gender. How will the rest of us go on? I do wonder.

And Pat's er, Hotlist, will no doubt welcome you with open arms, exuding an atmosphere of first world privilege into which you can settle like a well greased Chesterfield - but more importantly to the point of the two blogs - having nothing worthwhile to say about the world or the world of books, so you can sink into the flow with the rest of the effluent and hardly make a splash or be disturbed by the adults talking.

I can't speak for Larry, but at least from my perspective, you won't be missed. Not a one. In fact, I'd wager you weren't even previously noticed.


Loves his 'cheap' trips and revenue from banners and

Larry said...


It's strongly implied in her About page and in scattered comments on her blog.


I haven't been on 441 in over 10 years, but I can imagine the stories to be told if I stop and listen to the people along that highway :D


It may be best to wait for this current trilogy to conclude before picking it back up again. I suspect quite a bit is to be revealed in the upcoming book.


Yes, that would be the translated title in English, but it's not yet translated into it. It's a very intense story, based on the experiences of people she knew in the German-speaking part of Romania at the end of World War II, but reading it in Catalan was like blotting out two out of every ten to fifteen words. The gist of the story is there and the power of it can be sensed, but the fullness of the narrative couldn't be grasped because I'm not reading fluent in that language yet.


I guess those who think stating that their departure will be "my loss" might not be looking at it that way, but if people prefer not to read what I write, it's up to them. They weren't the ones, as you said, providing insightful responses to things posting here and that was what was missing when I didn't post what I truly liked to read.

rreugen said...

I read Everything I posses... in Romanian. Good translation. It's a very, very interesting book - the first one I read where the premise is that the prisoners are more cruel and deluded than their guards. But it's so subtle, and the narrator so unaware of his own rot. Even at the end, when he marries a woman just to solve his social position, then simply lies to her and abandons her to cross the border, he is still so unaware of what he's actually doing.
I find Muller amazing for having the courage to take this route. I'm happy you read the book, I hope you'll write something about it if you find the time.

I'm not sure there is a German speaking part in Romania. There are communities, German-speaking and Hungarian speaking (in the western parts, mostly), Russian speaking (north-east and the Danube Delta) and Roma speaking (all over the country).

Larry said...

It'll be after I re-read it, as I want to make sure I grasp the subtleties that you note. I was thinking more of the early 20th century when part of Romania was in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, so I misspoke and should have said German-speaking community in the western part (I believe near the Banat?).

Roland said...

Hahaha, this was the funniest post I've read in a while! Much needed, after these last weeks.
Thanks for the laugh, Larry!
Love your blog!

Larry said...

You're welcome :D

rreugen said...

Uh, much to my shame, I don't know that much about the German Romanians. I know they're mostly in the west, and they had a tough time during the communist regime.
Muller catches that moment of passage really well. They were a privileged class during WW2, then the Romanian government practically sold them as merchandise. So the privileged becomes the under-privileged, then becomes abused. But what does the privileged perceive as being abuse? How do they react to it?
I mean, some guys are tormented by somebody's tone... True story!

Anonymous said...

Apologies for the long post Larry:

Well, I plan to keep reading this blog and Pat's. I do find a lot of stuff that Pat believes to be troubling as I've noted in the comments over there. I like him as a reviewer, and I do enjoy the interviews he gets.

I think the challenge here is people don't quite understand the gradient of privilege. For me it was sexism, homophobia, and classism where I had to shed my coat of privilege of the years. There were definitely times I'd written off arguments of depiction because I felt an indictment b/c I enjoyed some work or another.

Because of this, I think people miss the reality that blithely throwing in rape scenes, confirming stereotypes, and supporting the continuance of privileged gazes for the sake of narrative development is itself an act of hostility.

My tactics are different from Moon's, though I've also lost my cool before, but I think the challenge in that statement is I've had an opening to use my tacts *because* of the posts on RoH.

So as much as I love praise, it'd be unfair of me not to raise my perception of the reality.

This I think is the challenge in dialogue, whether in SFF or beyond it. Privilege allows politeness, and politeness encourages superficial engagement if not silence. One person's "It's just a movie!" might be a reconfirmation of another's place in society.

But to me the bigger concern, something I've noted on Bakker's blog, is that the extant divides are extant in SFF is a small sample of the population at large.

Ideally there has to be a place for dialogue, and I think this is the central importance of your blog and why I commend you for linking to RoH in the interest of intellectually honesty. There has to be a middle ground somewhere, just as there has to be a catalyst.

keep up the good work,

Sciborg2 aka Saajan Patel

Andrew said...

some people have way too much free time

Anonymous said...

The Requires Hate standard script for reviews:-

This book is bad.

It has Gary Stu in it.

And rapeyness. God, so much rape! Rape rape rape rape rape.

Probably written by some Anglophone fuck. Some western man. Scott Bakker writing under a pseudonym. But I pirated it, so at least no royalties will go to its author. And that's okay because of my impeccable credentials as a scourge of bad writers. Intellectual property? Fuck off, neckbeard!

Did you write this book? Please say you wrote this book. But stop now. I mean I’m seriously warning you.

This book is not authentic. It’s 100% wrong 100% of the time. I only read three paragraphs, but I’m going to review it anyway. How does that feel, ignorant turd? Strike threeeee! I want to kick you out of life!

Eat your own cock! Eat someone else’s cock! It’s not homophobic when I say that because I’m a lesbian.

You want to play hardball, western man? I’ll humorously mis-spell your name.

Iron-toed boots to neckbeard cocks. Cocks. With beards on their necks.

Bring your fail. I’ve no interest in being polite to clueless fuckwads.

Look at me! I’ve got Tourette’s (I mean geek rage) and a blog! Look at me!

Rapeyness, rapeyness.

Gary Stuuuuuuuuuuu!

Exaggeration aside, this IS how she talks. The ignorant turd, kick you out of life, eat cock quotes are all real - and the humorous mis-spellings were in her review of The Wind-Up Girl. Why would anyone take RH's blog seriously? Why would anyone want to be associated with such grade school, potty-mouth silliness?

Larry said...

I'm impressed you posted in a thread that's nearly three months old just to vent without having the testicular fortitude to use even a pseudonym. Why I should take this seriously is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Wow hinsight is 20/20

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