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Thursday, February 02, 2012

So true

Saw this image linked to on Facebook.  It's from Cultura de Re-Evolucionaria and there are plenty more of applicable slogans there.  And yes, reading is like kissing and if you don't do it frequently, well, people do tend to notice.


rreugen said...

"se le nota en la lengua"

I think (I am Romanian, I have a basic understanding of Romance languages) that the part above means "you notice it in the language/tongue." Because lengua (respectively limbă in Romanian, heh) means both language and tongue. The reading and kissing stuff :)

Larry said...

You're right. I wasn't trying to translate it literally (if I had, I would have said "it is noticed on the tongue", even though that's awkward in English and yours is how it'd be expressed there), but to paraphrase part of it as part of my introduction to it. It's a great slogan, though, isn't it? :D I do love the lengua double entendre in particular.

rreugen said...

It's not bad :D

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