The OF Blog: What I did to protest this self-proclaimed "Geek Pride Day"

Friday, May 25, 2012

What I did to protest this self-proclaimed "Geek Pride Day"

Apparently May 25 is the nexus of a series of events that make some feel good about themselves because they have what others might consider to be an unhealthy fascination with towels, some use of force, and doubtless something else that promotes pasty, blotchy skin.  OK, I suppose there is something to be said for allowing these geeks to amuse themselves and to let themselves think of themselves as being supreme cultural arbiters of elegance (while the rest of us know that it is those who look good, sound good, and who have the disposition of an Irish Setter who really dominate the world).

Now I have never considered myself to be a "geek." (Doubtless, based on some of these risible definitions that include "kitchen sink" as a "geek" quality, some might disagree, but you know, I know, and the American people know better.)  I didn't even know there was such a thing called "Geek Pride Day" today until I saw a reference to it.  So I did start off "honoring" it by not even being aware of its existence until 11:30 PM CDT.  But what else did I do today that could be viewed as a sort of protest against this atrocious excuse for a "day?"  Let's see:

  • I walked for two hours today, adding to my tan.  It is known that classically-defined geeks get their rays from the monitor and not the sun.
  • I spent less than two hours, interspersed throughout the day, on the computer.  I had better things to do, like the above-mentioned walking and then weight lifting.
  • I chose not to read any fiction today.  Furthermore, I have read very little fiction this past week and what I have read this month is distinctly geek unfriendly (capital L literature that doesn't make seemingly trite commentaries that will be dated in twenty years, just like your wardrobe already has.
  • I had actual, face-to-face conversations with people, eschewing most online/electronic communications. 

So yeah, I did my part in not celebrating "geeky" things today.  So excuse me while I contemplate which other ridiculous pseudo-groups I need to mock next.  


Anonymous said...

You, sir, are an American hero.

Larry said...

Or a schmuck; the choice is yours :D

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