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Monday, May 28, 2012

Need help with identification

When my parents went out west last summer to visit the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, they saw this squirrel during their time at the Grand Canyons.  I have been editing their photo collection (all their hundreds of photo files are now on my Mac Mini) for occasional printing.  Glancing through it tonight, I saw this picture and I can't determine for certain if this is a Western Gray Squirrel, an Arizona Gray (Wikipedia has no entry on this particular species, but I've seen references elsewhere), or a different subtype.

Anyone have an idea which squirrel species this is for certain?  I'm guessing Arizona gray, but it's hard to tell when I look at pictures of both that and the Western Gray.

Regardless, I'm certain it was a moment away from attacking my parents for not feeding it.


Neth said...

I've seen it called a 'golden-mantled' groun squirrel, though I think it's just a variant of rock squirrel. I'm not sure of the specific species or subspecies, but they are relatively common throughout Arizona.

the Abert's squirrels are the best around here though (aside from prairie dogs). I like watching when the neighbor's cat decides to take on one of the Abert squirrels - the squirrel wins every time.

Gabriele C. said...

My father got a red squirrel (they're still common in Germany) emptying the bird feeder on a regular basis. The only birds who challenge the interloper are the blackbirds, those little black winged devils.

Larry said...

Thanks! I had forgotten about rock squirrels and their varieties, so it may very well be that. It is a cool-looking squirrel.

As for Abert's squirrels, I've seen them depicted as being the most diabolical of squirrels in the LOLCats-style pictures, so them whipping feline ass is no surprise to me :D

Good to know that even red squirrels are bullying the birds. Ours occasionally chase off crows (which are almost chicken-size here), so that just only endears them to me even more :D

Karen Burnham said...

Isn't there a kind of squirrel, usually found near the Grand Canyon, named the Kaibab squirrel?

Of course, my name for most of the squirrels found near the Grand Canyon (at least the touristy bits) is "Fat."

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