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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Interesting quote regarding history and borders

Finished reading Croatian writer Daša Drndić's 2007 novel, Sonnenschein (released in English in 2014 as Trieste), Friday night.  It is a very, very moving novel and I plan on reviewing it over the next week.  Here is a quote from early in the novel that should give readers a little clearer image of what this story is about:

The war ends and what is left of the Baar family returns to Gorizia, to the new border rife with invisible malignant cells resembling particles of atomic dust.  Along that border, as along all borders, deep into the soil is thrust the steel axis of a Ringelspiel, a merry-go-round, a lively carousel doomed to repeat eternally the invidious drama of family sagas.  History – that lying, traitorous mother of life – continues, logorrhoeically, to spin its tiresome story, secretly dreaming up new borderlands one after another.  And a border, like every long, deep wound, even if it heals and does not turn into a wellspring of putrid stench, is streaked with proud scar tissue that separates the living from the dead.  A border is a "land" of spirits howling as they seek a form to assume. (e-book p. 31)

Hopefully, this quote will lead to a few readers deciding to take a chance on this fine book.

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