The OF Blog: Starting preparations for the 2014 World Cup of Fiction posts

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Starting preparations for the 2014 World Cup of Fiction posts

Those of you who are long-time followers of this blog might recall a series of posts I did during June 2010 during the FIFA World Cup that I called the World Cup of Fiction.  For those that missed it, here's the category link that perhaps might provide a few chuckles (and here's the origin behind my posts).  Since I have four weeks before the first matches, I think I'll expand the concept somewhat and write a series of literary profiles for each of the 32 teams (likely including a review of at least one writer, poet, or playwright) during this time, starting with Groups A and B next week and covering two groups a week until June 12, when the actual matches begin.  Starting then, I'll take the actual group play matches and write short literary "matches" each day until the knockout rounds, which will vary from the actual football matches in that I'll likely select (or perhaps consider reader comments/votes as well for each thread) 16 to advance and then "seed" them along group lines, continuing from there until the finals.

Hopefully there will be some who'll want to do this on their own sites/blogs (or maybe social media?) and dozens of new writers from all across the globe can be introduced to readers while also having quite a bit of fun.  Who's up for at least reading along, if not actively suggesting titles/authors and later on winners?


Didier Vanoverbeke said...

I will definitely be reading along. Not sure who I'm rooting for yet. It's much harder to get behind my home nation (Belgium) in literature than it is in football right now.

Lsrry said...

You root for discovering excellent national literatures. That's the beauty of this, as the jingoism will all be tongue firmly in cheek. I myself have no idea who's "winning" what yet. Should add to the fun, no? :D

Didier Vanoverbeke said...

Certainly! Plenty of opportunity for fun blogging, Ird say, I'm looking forward to it. Might actually be a nice diversion for a person like me with a horse in the actual tournament.

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