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Monday, May 12, 2014

Some interesting stats and figures from my first 100 books read this year

This past weekend, I finished my 100th book for 2014 (as of this writing, I'm currently reading #104).  Since it is easiest to do percentages at this point, I thought I'd list a few interesting reading trends seen via percentage numbers.  These doubtless will change once I reach #200 in a few months, but for the moment, they so some changes in my reading.

Only 31% of the books were read in English/English translation.  26% were in Spanish/Spanish translation, 16% in Italian/Italian translation, 13% in French/French translation, 11% in Portuguese/Portuguese translation, and 3% were read in Serbian (with English translations read in parallel).

35% of the writers/editors were women or women who co-wrote/co-edited a work.  This is exactly on pace with my 2014 reading goal (out of the three read since then, two are written by women).

20% of the books read so far this year were released in the US in 2014.  Of that 20%, 45% were (co)-written/edited by women.

13% of the books read were translations.  Of these translations, 54% were into English from another language; 31% were into Spanish from another language; 15% were into Italian; and 8% were into French from another language.

12% of the books read were poetry collections, with 50% of those being in English/English translation and the rest being in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian.

11% of the books were collections or anthologies.  Single-author collections comprise 82% of the total for this category.

100% of the books read actually were read this year.  This might be the most important stat of them all, at least in terms of how it applies to me myself.  Any other categories that I neglected to do that you would find interesting to see numbers run on them?

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