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Sunday, May 04, 2014

Things I'd like to write/cover this week

Now that it seems that I have a bit more free time than I expected coming up starting this week, I think it is time to write a few more reviews and perhaps a few other pieces.  Here are a few things that I do plan on doing this week:

Monday, I plan on writing a review of Jeff VanderMeer's Authority, which is officially released in the US on Tuesday.  Might end up being one of my longer reviews so far this year.

Tuesday or Wednesday, I also plan on reviewing Karen Russell's e-book novella/short novel, Sleep Donation.

Might also write a couple of pieces on translated fictions, as I do plan on resuming two translation projects, Roberto Arlt's El jorobadito and Vergil's Aeneid, over the summer break.

Perhaps there'll also be something on whatever teacup tempest of the day/week happens to be, provided that there is a snarky angle that I can exploit...err, explore...

And maybe there will be more videos of squirrels attacking dumb humans who attempt to take selfies with them.

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