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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Because I can...

Something that I'll be using in a lesson on Thursday:

- Zbogom, odgovori lisica. Evo moje tajne. Sasvim je jednostavna: čovek samo srcem dobro vidi. Suština se očima ne može videti.

- Suština se očima ne može videti, ponovi mali princ da bi zapamtio.

- Vreme koje si uložio oko tvoje ruže čini tu ružu tako dragocenom.

- Vreme koje sam uložio oko moje ruže...reče mali princ da bi zapamtio.

- Ljudi su yaboravili tu istinu, reče lisica. Ali ti ne smeš da je zaboraviš. Ti si zauvek odgovoran za ono što si pripitomio. Ti si odgovoran za svoju ružu...

- Ja sam odgovoran za moju ružu, ponovi mali princ da bi zapamtio.

One of the more meaningful phrases I've ever read. I'll leave it for my occasional stalker or another to guess/tell what I was just now quoting. Night.


Anonymous said...

Occasional stalker?
Sounds mean.
Serbo-croatian and the other slavic languages are not among my seven alive languages,but I recognize a few words (like goodbye,time, eyes,simple,fox) and therefore,I'll guess you quoted the farewell to the fox in The Little Prince.
Should I post something in Italian,German or Dutch?


Anonymous said...

And yes,mali princ is definitely little prince.

Lsrry said...

Marco, you are correct. The "occasional stalker" is a teasing term for someone very dear to me. Thought she'd like to know in a roundabout way that I'm using this passage in class, since we both like it so much :D

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