The OF Blog: A few more tributes to wotmania, plus a new interview on its successor site

Monday, August 31, 2009

A few more tributes to wotmania, plus a new interview on its successor site

Seems I'm not the only one blogging about the passing of a large fansite. Bloggers who have had some sort of connection with wotmania who have commented in the past few days:

The Wertzone (Sunday)

Pat's Fantasy Hotlist (Sunday)

Neth Space

The Thirteenth Depository (Monday)

In each of their posts, the authors talk about how they got their start in forum posting or at least active forum visiting with wotmania, particularly its Other Fantasy section, during the 2002-2004 period that I stated in my previous post Saturday might have been that section's "Golden Age." Perhaps there'll be another site (Westeros' Literature section being the closest I can think of right now) that'll have a section that celebrated diversity in discussions and reading...even if the threaded MB format was beyond archaic for most of us who posted on multiple forums.

But this is not just a tribute to the dead, but perhaps the first of several links to something the new successor site, Read And Find Out, is doing. I noticed while browsing there (the handle there is the same as the one here, although you won't see me post there very often, as I explained in the previous post) that one of the members there (and someone who comments occasionally here, I might add), Camilla, had just conducted a short but interesting interview with Nick Harkaway, author of The Gone-Away World (and a book I enjoyed when I read it several months ago). For those who may have thought my interviews to have been a bit too ponderous at times, I suspect the breezy, conversational style of this one might appeal to you. And from what I understand, the new site's webmaster will have a transcript available in the near future of an in-person interview he conducted with China Miéville yesterday at the Edinburgh Book Festival. Once this comes available, I'll probably link to it, although apparently there won't be any A/V to accompany the transcript.


Nephtis said...


Damn the poll and review Tanith Lee's Night's Master. It's now available on Amazon, although I had trouble finding it through the search function.


Larry said...

Ha! I might by the end of the month if it doesn't win in a weekly poll. I did read and enjoy it, after all.

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