The OF Blog: Two interesting Filipino anthologies arrived today

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Two interesting Filipino anthologies arrived today

I've recently decided to expand my awareness of non-Anglo-American SF, so when I was reminded a week or so ago by a post I saw over on Bibliophile Stalker that there were some recently-released SF anthologies from the Philippines available on Amazon (stocked by Prime Books' Sean Wallace, I believe), I immediately placed an order for the two books pictured above.

I'm currently about 60 pages into Philippine Speculative Fiction IV and the quality of the stories is very, very good. There will be a post at some point in the future about this anthology and the other one pictured, A Time for Dragons: An Anthology of Philippine Draconic Fiction. I'm also awaiting the arrival later this month of a fantasy anthology that I ordered from Brazil, Anuario Brasileiro de Literatura Fantastica 2008. Was hoping to be able to order a recently-released Spanish SF anthology, Mundos desconocidos, but I can't find it on the usual online catalogs from Spain. I'm also searching for more related anthologies released in 2009 (that date is important, as it'll tie into my year-end project for this) in English, English translation, Spanish, Portuguese, or Italian (and maybe French or Romanian). If you know of where I can find them (as e-zines or as bound copies that I can order with shipping less than $50/book), please let me know, okay?

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