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Friday, October 16, 2009

A deleted question

I have participated in several interviews this year, with each of them, whether they appear on this blog or on the Nebula Awards site, being rewarding to do.  But despite how in-depth these interviews might be, I find myself always deleting this one question, because I can't decide if it's too broad or if it'd limit the author's response.  So for your reading pleasure (and feel free to answer this one as you like), the always-deleted question:

How do you know when you've "made it?"  Is there ever a point where you're tempted to stop, look around, and go, "You know what?  This isn't bad at all!  I kinda like where I'm at in life right now."?  Or is there something that keeps nagging at you, pushing you on to create new vistas/settings or to refine that polished prose just a teeny-bit more?

OK, that's really three questions, but would you answer such a question?  Is it ever really the sort of question that ought to be asked of an interviewee?

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Charles said...

Ultimately, it depends on the interviewee. Some will roll with it and give a lengthy response while others won't.

I'm fine with asking that question, although not with new authors. It's probably more apt for writing veterans of some fame and/or accomplishment.

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