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Friday, October 09, 2009

Facts and figures about 2009's reads #301-400

Click here for links to the facts and figures for the first 300 reads of 2009.

  •  Ever since I started to pay closer attention to what I read, the percentage of female authors read per 100 books has steadily increased, topping out this time at 24%, a threefold increase from the percentage for reads 1-100.
  • 12% of the books read were written in Spanish.
  • Another 2% of the reads were in Portuguese and Serbian.
  • There was a threefold increase in the number of books read that were written by Popes, this time rising from 1% to 3%.
  • 18% of the books were either graphic novels or art books
  •  20% of the books were either collections or anthologies
  • 5% of the books were debuts of some form or fashion for 2009
  • Non-fiction and literary criticism books comprised 19% of the books
  • Only 1% of the books read were poetry collections
  • 12% of the books were re-reads
  • 32% of the books are 2009 releases, with not all being US releases for this year
  • Sadly, the number of squirrel-related reads dropped from 2% to 0% for reads #301-400, but there is still hope for the future, I suppose.

More details on the last 32 or so reads either later today, or later this weekend, time permitting.  Not fun having to learn special ed procedures on the fly while stressing about my job future.  But that comes with the territory, I suppose.  But since I have to be awake in about 6.5 hours, I guess I better just post this and log off for the night, no?


Terry Weyna said...

I'm happy to be closing in on the *first* 100 of the year, Larry. You continue to astonish me with the speed of your reading -- especially since you obviously manage to read so well and so thoroughly at the same time you're reading fast.

Lsrry said...


If I could ever explain how I do it in a way that others could replicate it, I would, but I'm just glad that I have enough money at the present to feed this monstrous habit! :P

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