The OF Blog: I love people who take my silly polls so seriously

Friday, October 16, 2009

I love people who take my silly polls so seriously

Fun to watch the person who has refreshed/deleted cookies 19 times apparently (according to the Sitemeter log that I just checked on a whim) to vote for George R.R. Martin's Fevre Dream enough times to make it the apparent winner with just over two hours to go in voting.

Guess what?  I don't always follow the results of the polls now (actually, I still have two I want to review first).  I think I'll go with the second-place vote getter first, then the Martin (since it was a somewhat more legitimate second-place entry).

Ah, the power to ignore the will of the masses (or those who want to vote multiple times in a 13 minute span)!

I so need an evil dictator picture to close this, but instead this pic might be even more evil:

Feeling the evilness yet?


MatsVS said...

Bah, apparently there is a drawback to simply reading your blog via the google Reader; I miss the polls.

Oh well, this time I was just in time to vote, and it seems my choice was rather unpopular anyways... Hope the world is treating you well, Larry!

RobB said...

We only have gray squirrels here in NJ. Are they all black squirrels in TN?

Unknown said...

They have black squirrels in Princeton. I had a professor who went to grad school there and he said the hierarchy was like this:
Black Squirrels
Gray Squirrels
Graduate Students

Lsrry said...

I didn't take that pic, Rob. We have grays and fox squirrels (which are slightly larger and more brownish) here. I get a kick out of watching them torture our dogs, even though one of them caught a young squirrel last week :(


That's kinda funny, although I'd think the squirrels perhaps should have been ranked higher than the undergrads!


The world is treating me okay, nothing great, nothing too terribly wrong (minus one small matter that'll clear up soon).

Gabriele Campbell said...

We have red squirrels in Germany. They have the prettiest tails of all the squirrel species. :)

Lsrry said...

Sadly, there are no red squirrels here in North America (well, not those red squirrels, I should say), but I do like the grays quite a bit - they're awesomely aggressive!

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