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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Sparrow art series

It's funny how a passing comment from someone can lead to an investigation, which can sometimes result in a discovery.  About a week or so ago, a close friend of mine mentioned the artwork of Sergio Toppi in passing in an email.  Since she has very good literary and artistic tastes, I decided to look for a cheap example of Toppi's art.  I discovered he was part of a series of cheap (selling for under $10 on Amazon) artbooks called Sparrow.  I placed an order for volume 12, so I could sample Toppi's work.  My copy arrived the other day and I was very pleased.  So I ordered another copy (for above-mentioned friend, since her Toppi acquisition was a longer piece and this had just been released worldwide) of volume 12, plus I ordered volume 11, by John Watkiss.  The first two pictures, "Bomber Christ" and "Taser Christ," are from Watkiss' book, with the final two unlabeled pictures from the Toppi volume.

I love art, especially since I am not as talented at drawing/illustrating as several people I know.  There's something about these images that appeal to me, although what it is, I shall not say, at least in one case.  Perhaps these are not "your thing," but perhaps they might be.  Perhaps you'll be curious about this Swallow series as I was; I placed an order for the first 5 volumes a couple of days ago and it should arrive tomorrow.  Perhaps some will think these little books are no books at all; perhaps each is worth a thousand pages' of thoughts/images.  Regardless, this is a new discovery for me, one that I enjoyed and one I hope to continue enjoying for some time to come.

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