The OF Blog: BAF Magazines and Journals received March 17-19

Friday, March 19, 2010

BAF Magazines and Journals received March 17-19

Lately, I've received several email responses from magazine and lit journal editors in response to a recent request for copies of their publications for possible consideration for Best American Fantasy 4.  Several have been very prompt and courteous and I've started to receive boxes of materials beginning on Wednesday and continuing through today, with several others expected by the end of next week.  I just wanted to take a bit of time to thank the following people whose publications I have received:

Jeanne M. Leiby, the Editor and Director of The Southern Review.  In addition to the three volumes pictured above, she also sent me photocopies of some of the stories appearing in the Spring 2010, which will be available on April 1.

Anne McPeak, the Managing Editor of A Public Space.  Like Leiby before her, she helpfully suggested stories that might best fit what we are looking for in BAF4.  I will read and find out shortly.

Also appearing in this picture but not legible are the March 15, 2010 and March 22, 2010 issues of The New Yorker, to which I have a subscription.

Richard Peabody is the chief editor for both Gargoyle and Gravity Dancers, which showcases the short fiction of Washington, D.C.-area female writers.  Very curious about the volumes sent here.

Christian Moody is not only an editor at The Cincinnati Review, but one of his stories, "In the Middle of the Woods," appeared in Best American Fantasy 2.  He also sent me a copy of Best New American Voices 2010, guest edited by Dani Shapiro, as he has a story appearing in there that he hopes will be considered for BAF4.

While I obviously can make no promises as to how many, if any, stories from these publications will be sent on to Minister Faust, the guest editor for BAF4 to consider, I just thought it would be common courtesy to acknowledge in photo and (this time at least) in writing the assistance I received from these editors.  There are several others who have emailed me in recent days saying that they are sending me works as well and I will acknowledge them next week in a separate post.

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